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Anthony Hamilton - Sailin' Away Lyrics

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Anthony Hamilton – Sailin’ Away Lyrics 

Woke up this mornin’
Looked out the window and saw
Everyone playing
Playing basket some ball
Travelling freely
Ran out to join them as one
Seemed to be so much fun

All day I dream
I dream of winnin’
All day I dream
I dream I’m sailin’ away
Sailin’ away

Well, had on my favorite shoes
Helped me to play so long
The sun started goin’ down
Ended like a breeze
I can go day and all night
I’m game and feelin’ alright
Tryin’ to tell you
That you’re my victory
Sailin’, sailin’, sailin’

All day I dream
I dream of winnin’
All day I dream
I dream, I’m sailin’ away (I’m dreamin’ I can sail away)
Sailin’ away

Woo, would you love to ball
Ooo, havin’ fun and all
Ooo, Sky gettin’ over the rim
I’m game on you
Ooo, be it one on one
Ooo, on circle boulevard
Ooo, Posted I’ve gotta go
I’m checkin’ out you
I’m checkin’ out you

All day I dream
I dream of winnin’
All day I dream (All day)
I dream of sailin’ away (I’m thinkin’ ’bout you)
Sailin’ away (hey)

All day I dream (well)
I dream of winnin’ (I keep on dreamin’)
All day I dream (we can be playin’)
I dream of sailin’ away
Sailin’ away

Woo, good God almighty
Ooo, good God almighty
Ooo, tell me
Ooo, ohhhh
Wooo, good god almighty
Somebody help me talk about it
Havin’ fun one on one (you)

All day I dream
I dream of winning (Dreamin’ about you)
All day I dream
I dream of sailin’ away (Hey)
Sailin’, sailin’, sailin’

[Anthony Hamilton – Sailin’ Away Lyrics]

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