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Blessthefall - Meet Me At The Gates Lyrics

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Blessthefall – Meet Me At The Gates Lyrics 

Breathe in softly, take my hand
We’re saying goodbye but this is not the end
Your body’s sinking, oh my soul
I’ll see you on the other side when it is my turn

The sky will open up
I’ve waited long to feel your touch
So meet me at the gates
and wash these tears away

On this morning the music ends
I’m down on my knees by your hospital bed
So how can I live when I’m watching you die?
I’ll see you on the other side when it is my turn

Every breath I take like I can’t escape
and I’m too afraid
Of letting go of you

I found the secret
To wash away
All this sadness

[Blessthefall – Meet Me At The Gates Lyrics]

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