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Cassidy - Cashin Out Lyrics (Feat Jag)

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Cassidy – Cashin Out Lyrics (Feat Jag)

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Got a dozen grimps so i round round with my jopper
Keep the dutch full of gush can’t keep a cuff full of rocka
My .. Got more snicks enough for locka
And every day i ..My face and ..
Got a kilo on my wrist bitch i’m cashin out
Got a kilo on my neck yeah i’m cashin out
Got a dozen grimps so i round round with my jopper
Keep the dutch full of gush can’t keep a cuff full of rocka

I’m high that’s why i’ll be in my zone
Dreams of that dream daddy i’ll be getting stone
This chicks it in, daddy why you never call my phone
Don’t you kids got a damn daddy bitch em alone
I’m not tryin hit your problems i got problems of my own
Like necessarily so rockin make some molly with patron
If you f*ck the first night and i might probably take you home
And if you swallow in the pipe and you can probably get alone
You could owe me but you gotta blue me like a saxophone
’cause you wasn’t with me rappin on that microphone bitch

You need a lot but you don’t think a lot ’cause you drink a lot
And smoke weed a lot
But i can tell you don’t read a lot
’cause you’re talking stupid you need to stop
Yeah call em when you need to cop
And now call you when you need to pop
You need to pop so i need to cheeck
Don’t need shit she just need the dick
The weed get .. Till i’m passing out
But you about to put the classic out
I get the cash then i’m cashing out


..I’ma still got the hit
I’ma pill it if you .. Still thinking .. Still watch
Chilling if i’m ..If he’s looking
..Thought ..Keep it real
Shawty pocket ..We roll we might hole up
Hole hole up ’cause this bitches ..They know us
They lean on me they call up
They stay around ’cause we poll up
I’m turnt up i’m so ..
’cause we..Like ..
See lose lose ..Like bruise bruise
’cause we rackon we cashed out


[Lyrics to Cashin Out performed by Cassidy (Feat Jag)]

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