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"Mixtape Messiah" (2004)

Chamillionaire - Mixtape Messiah
  1. Chamillionaire- Body Rock Lyrics
  2. Chamillionaire- Call Some Hoes Lyrics (feat. Kanye West, Stat Quo)
  3. Chamillionaire- Drag Em In The River Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  4. Chamillionaire- Front To Back Lyrics (feat. Rasaq, Yung-Ro)
  5. Chamillionaire- Gun Smoke Lyrics (feat. Yung Ro)
  6. Chamillionaire- Hey Lady Lyrics (feat. Big Gem)
  7. Chamillionaire- Hurtin' Em Bad Lyrics
  8. Chamillionaire- I Be Comin' Down Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  9. Chamillionaire- I Got Hoes Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  10. Chamillionaire- I Had A Dream Lyrics
  11. Chamillionaire- I Mean That There Lyrics
  12. Chamillionaire- I Tip Down Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  13. Chamillionaire- I'm A Balla Lyrics (feat. Far East, Play-N-Skillz, Lumba)
  14. Chamillionaire- I'm Busy Lyrics
  15. Chamillionaire- I'm Da King Lyrics
  16. Chamillionaire- Not Friendly Lyrics
  17. Chamillionaire- On Yo Azz Lyrics
  18. Chamillionaire- Panky Rang (Interlude) Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  19. Chamillionaire- Pimp Drill Lyrics (feat. The Color Changin' Click)
  20. Chamillionaire- Platinum Stars Lyrics (feat. Bun B, Lil' Flip)
  21. Chamillionaire- Put It In Slow Motion Lyrics (feat. Soulja Slim)
  22. Chamillionaire- Roll Call Lyrics
  23. Chamillionaire- Run You Out The Game Lyrics
  24. Chamillionaire- Screw Jams Lyrics
  25. Chamillionaire- Step Into My Room Lyrics
  26. Chamillionaire- Still Tippin' Lyrics (feat. Slim Thug)
  27. Chamillionaire- Switch Styles Lyrics
  28. Chamillionaire- Texas Boys Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  29. Chamillionaire- The Truth Lyrics
  30. Chamillionaire- Tippin' Slow Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  31. Chamillionaire- We Gonna Ride Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  32. Chamillionaire- Weatherman Lyrics (feat. Paul Wall)
  33. Chamillionaire- What Would You Do Lyrics
  34. Chamillionaire- Who I Be Lyrics (feat. Rasaq)
  35. Chamillionaire- Who They Want Lyrics
  36. Chamillionaire- You Got Wrecked (Mike Jones Diss) Lyrics

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