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Cris Cab - Face To Face (snippet) Lyrics

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Cris Cab – Face To Face (snippet) Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Staring at the crowd when you caught my eye
Time slowly ticking as I keep on standing by
Baby, If I eyes we can already know
I’m already thinking of another place to go
There’s a lot of people in a trance tonight
Playing all the games trying to make you mine
Getting even closer to the finish line
Looking over here, I can give you a sign

Yeah, I’m going to take you to another place
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, so you and I can meet face to face
Yeah, Yeah
There won’t be no problems
You, me and the comets
Nobody will find us
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, so you and I can meet face to face

[Verse 2:]
People see you staring thinking falling in love
There always watching and eyes just can’t get enough

[Cris Cab – Face To Face (snippet) Lyrics]

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