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Demon Hunter - Just Breathe Lyrics (feat. Christian Alvestam of Miseration)

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Demon Hunter – Just Breathe Lyrics (feat. Christian Alvestam of Miseration) 

So now you try, but the blade is primed to just cut you down again.
To no avail, this fix divine was wrought to do you in

Seemingly endless, beckoning debt
Vacant and nameless, where is the end?

Aching just to endure again sweet loss
Able again to feel
This is real.

Just breathe
Suffer again
Look back
Stand in the wake and breathe
Wait for the end
Fight back
This isn’t over.

One single touch will further crush your corrupted state of mind.
You carve the way for regret to take you further down the line

This isn’t over.

[Demon Hunter – Just Breathe Lyrics (feat. Christian Alvestam of Miseration)]

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