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Disciple - Deafening Lyrics

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Disciple – Deafening Lyrics 

[Verse 1]
On a road to nowhere
Tried to find myself there
I went as far as I could go
From everything I know

Now I’m emptied up and used
Broken and abused
But I still hear You

Every time I run away
I hear Your voice inside of me
It’s deafening
Can’t fight it, can’t fight it

Calling me to come back home
To the only place where I belong
It’s deafening
Can’t fight it, can’t fight it

[Verse 2]
I can still hear you say
You will never escape
How far my love can reach
And I need you to believe

Now there’s nothing left to lose
And hope is breaking through
And I still hear You

You’re never too far away
And it’s never too late

[Disciple – Deafening Lyrics]

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