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DragonForce - Cry Thunder Lyrics

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DragonForce – Cry Thunder Lyrics 

Through the valleys of evil and torturing souls,
Night after night, for the glory we fight,
In the kingdom of madness and the tales from the old

Dead by our hand, for the higher command,
As the darkness surrounds us and we fight as we fall,
Fly by with steel, as the tyrants will kneel,
Hearts growing stronger for the power of us all

Set sail for the glory,
And pray for the master of war
Tyrants will fall by the wastelands
And we’ll rise like the heroes before

Cry Thunder!
Sword in his hand,
Titans of Justice, Fearless We Stand
Cry Thunder!
Strong in command
Blessed by the union for freedom of man

Reckoning Day, and the demons we slay,
With the force of the dragon we conquer them all!
Chaos still reigns, in the space and the plains,
The ultimate glory awaits as they fall

March on
Through the hellfire
Blazing to the darkness beyond
As we climb up the mountains
We will rise like the heroes before


Alone in darkness,
Through the eyes of broken dreams,
Outside of the wasted and torn,
Calamity still remains
Soldiers of destiny calling,
The fallen will rise once again,
All of our forces will live on and fight till the end

Cry Thunder!
Sword in his hand,
Titans of Justice, Fearless We Stand
Cry Thunder!
Strong in command,
Saviour of legions, freedom of man

Cry Thunder!
Sword in his hand,
Warriors defending,
One final stand
Cry Thunder!
Strong in command,
Blessed by the union, Freedom of man

Blessed by the union of man

[DragonForce – Cry Thunder Lyrics]

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