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Jimmy Eat World - Jen Lyrics

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Jimmy Eat World – Jen Lyrics 

Don’t be scared, Don’t be shy
We use to do this all the time
you know it Jen

We could be happy now
So jet across the coast and country, Jen
Sometimes Jennifer,
Live for too long and then your chance is gone

The choice we’re meant to take
Is one they’ll never take
All you have to do is say

I think you tried just a little hard
Acting like something you not
I wanna make you feel the way you should
You have to let things go to keep them close
What you’ll do today
Already has a name
Is anything but a mistake

Don’t be scared, no don’t be shy
We used to do it all the time
Ya-Ya-You know it Jen
It’s you and me, what could that mean?
You can’t pretend we’re only friends then walk away.


No one’s looking now
Take a chance, come on
Could do anything you want

Put your arms around someone soft
Take it as it comes, trust your heart
Trust me

You know it, Jen
Put your arms around someone soft
Take it as it comes, trust your heart
Trust me

Trust your heart, trust me
You know it, Jen

[Jimmy Eat World – Jen Lyrics]

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