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Kimbra - The Build Up Lyrics

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Kimbra – The Build Up Lyrics 

Went from cities to touch the suburbs
On the highway, but I’m barefoot
I need a map but not the destination
Need a compass but not a conversation

I want to run far from this grey town
You’re on every street, marked on the ground
Not the meant and not the paint
Want the price but not the raise

I want the jump but not the height
Let me fall but catch me mid flight
I swam with sharks and beasts of the sea
Only went down for the company
Went down for the company

I forgot to mention:
That you would come back home when I call
Left no sign, nothing at all
Sorry you won’t fit inside my heart
I wanted love without the build up

I need the rules but not the regulations
Want the wisdom but not the information
Need the light but not the heat of the day
Need your hands to show me how to pray

I lost the plot underneath the fire
Of all the dots and lines that took me higher
Away from traffic and smiles of tire
I like the nights but not the tangled wires

Need the pulse to feel alive
All the world’s just made it seem all quiet
This has all become far too loud
I like you more when you don’t make a sound

You will come back home when I call
Left no sign, nothing at all
Sorry you won’t fit inside my heart
Won’t you come light the way and wash this away

I wanted love without the build up

[Kimbra – The Build Up Lyrics]

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