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Mika - Make You Happy Lyrics

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Editor's comments:
Mika takes a turn towards a more electronic sound, as he uses electronic synths and robotic vocals instead of his original falsettos that made him famous.
The first song which shows us Mika's new music style is titled "Make You Happy" and it came accompanied by a brand new video too.

Mika – Make You Happy Lyrics

All I wanna do is make you happy x6

Baby you ain’t tryin’,
If I said I’m upbeat, I’d be lying,
Show me what your hiding,
But if this is love then watch me die on you.

All I wanna do is make you happy x3

Maybe you can’t hear me,
But I feel like screaming when you’re near me,
Save me from your theories,
At the very least just let me cry on you.

Undervalued, I can’t be far from the truth.
Baby something or other…. (?)
All I wanna do is make you happy x6
Love and hate each other,
If we can’t get it together, you know we’ll never ever ever.
Fix a heart don’t break it,
Can’t you see the love around you?
You know, you’re crazy not to take it.
Under valued, I can’t be far from the truth.
(then the line that I can’t understand…)

All I wanna do is make you happy x6

Whatchya gonna do? I am not over you. x4

Never gonna give you up, never gonna (?)
Where’s it gonna end up?
I’m never gonna let you down. x4
All I wanna do is make you happy x3

[Lyrics to Make You Happy performed by Mika]

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