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Owl City-Strawberry Avalanche Lyrics

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Owl City-Strawberry Avalanche LyricsThis is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me
A grass blade flashed with a gleam as it slashed open a moonbeam
And I stared back breathlessly
As mountains of fruit tumbled out I barely had the chance to shout
Oh strawberry avalanche, crash over me

Staying awake that night was rather hard
Deep in a sleeping bag in your back yard
When we woke up buried alive
Beneath the fruity landslide
We both laughed hysterically
It could’ve been just another dream
But, I swear I heard you scream
Oh strawberry avalanche, crash over me

Oh, there’s a citrus constellation in the galaxy
Scratched on the back of both my eyelids
That I’ve been dying to see

If you were a beautiful sound in the echoes all around
Then I’d be your harmony
And we’d sing along with the crowds
Beneath the candy coated clouds
Oh strawberry avalanche please crash over me

This is a world of dreams and reverie
Where I felt the stars explode around me

[Owl City-Strawberry Avalanche Lyrics]

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