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Sean Kingston- Change Lyrics

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Sean Kingston- Change Lyrics

Change, Change, Change,
Change, Change, Change,

Oh I wish I had the power, the power to change the world
But I’m just one man trying to do it on my own
Oh I wish I had the power, the power to change the world
But I’m just one man trying to do it on my own
Can someone help me (change the world)?
Can somebody help me (change the world)?

Everyday I see the youth, they’re chilling on the corners
Hustling crack and marijuana
Because they don’t have no guidance
Nobody just be guiding, no

Hope to see black people living longer
Also less kids without fathers
We should all come together
Please stop fighting and killing each other

It’s what happens when you’re living in the street life
It’s so dark and you don’t get sunlight
People’re seeing why you don’t get treated right
But I’m gonna try to change it


Many people’re living off welfare
Hoping things get better next year
But I’m covered in tears
So many sick without health care

Too many innocent people dyin’
And I don’t know why
You gotta keep your eyes open even when you’re rollin’
As days go by



Somebody, change the world
We’ve got little boys and little girls
Growing up on this sinful earth
Oh what’s happening?
I don’t know, but please tell me
We’ve got all these criminals and discretes
Killing people for no reason
I don’t know why


[Sean Kingston- Change Lyrics]

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