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    Call The Midwife Soundtrack List

    Call The Midwife TV Series (2013) Soundtrack List – Tracklist – OST Listen to Original Theme Music from the TV Series, score list, all songs list – playlist, who sings them, including end credits.

    Below you can view the complete Call The Midwife Soundtrack list:

    Disc 1:

    1. N/a – Theme Tune
    2. Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love
    3. The Diamonds – Little Darlin’
    4. The Champs – Tequila
    5. Louis Prima – Jump, Jive An’ Wail
    6. Original Cast Recording – Elevator Rock
    7. Musical Interlude – Urgent
    8. Max Bygraves – Meet Me On The Corner
    9. Musical Interlude – Biking
    10. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singer – Magic Moments
    11. Doris Day With Frank Devol & His Orchestra – Que Sera Sera (whatever Will Be, Will Be)
    12. Junior Parker – Next Time You See Me
    13. Mitzi Gaynor – I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair
    14. Musical Interlude – On The Pier
    15. The Four Lads – Who Needs You
    16. The Five Satins – In The Still Of The Nite
    17. Dean Martin With Dick Stable & His Orchestra – Memories Are Made Of This
    18. Musical Interlude – The Docks
    19. Bill Doggett – Ram Bunk Shush
    20. Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra – Raunchy
    21. The Johnny Otis Show – Good Golly
    22. The Chordettes – Lollipop
    23. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singers – Hot Diggitty (dog Ziggity Boom)
    24. Eydie Gorme – Love Me Forever
    25. Malcolm Vaughan – My Special Angel
    26. Blossom Dearie – Someone To Watch Over Me
    27. Original Cast Recording – The Brothel
    28. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) – Lord Now Let They Servant Depart In Peace
    29. Musical Interlude – Slipping Away
    30. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) – Before The Ending Of The Day

    Disc 2:

    1. Original Cast Recording (the Cub Scouts) – My Special Angel
    2. The Four Aces – Love Is A Many Splendored Thing
    3. The Flamingos – I Only Have Eyes For You
    4. Ondrej Lenard/slovak Radio Symph. Orch. – Carnival Of The Animals: Xiii. Le Cygne (the Swan)
    5. Musical Interlude – Back To Life
    6. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) – Psalm 121
    7. Perry Como With Ray Charles Singers – Catch A Falling Star
    8. Doris Day With Frank Devol & His Orchestra – Everybody Loves A Lover
    9. Petula Clark – Baby Lover
    10. Tab Hunter – Young Love
    11. Musical Interlude – Delivery
    12. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) – Psalm 91
    13. Musical Interlude – In The Mirror
    14. Andy Williams – Walk Hand In Hand
    15. Bill Lee & John Kerr – Younger Than Springtime
    16.. The Four Aces – Stranger In Paradise
    17. Musical Interlude – Country House
    18. The Four Coins – Shangri-la
    19. The Solitaires – Embraceable You
    20. The Five Satins – Love With No Love In Return
    21. Musical Interlude – The Letter
    22. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) Come Holy Ghost Our Soul Inspire
    23. The Four Aces – O Holy Night (cantique De Noel)
    24. Elvis Presley – Blue Moon
    25. Perry Como -(i Wonder Why) You’re Just In Love
    26. Musical Interlude – Anxious Wait
    27. The Four Aces – Friendly Persuasion (thee I Love )
    28. Musical Interlude – Giving Her Back
    29. Original Cast Recording (the Nuns) -psalm 51 Have Mercy Upon Me
    30. Jane Morgan – If I Loved You
    31. The Duprees – You Belong To Me

    BBC original series Call the Midwife

    Call The Midwife TV Series information:

    Genre: Drama
    Length 60 minutes

    Vanessa Redgrave, Jessica Raine and Pam Ferris

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    15 comments written so far.

    Grab the feed.

    • pat says:

      To the poster who wanted to know if the music played between Lady Browne and Chummy in Season 3, finale, when Lady Browne is dying, that music is available on MP3, in the Christmas album for Call the Midwife, also individually in MP3. It is by Peter Salem and called “Where the Rose Lies”.

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    • Carrie Elizabeth says:

      I’m trying to find out who it is that sang “all the things you are” in the 2nd Christmas episode. Its the song that starts playing as Shelagh goes to walk down the aisle. I really liked that particular version of it, but i can’t find out who sang it. If anyone knows please let me know.

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • richard says:

      What is the music played during the touching scene between Chummy and Lady Browne in the last episode?

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • geri says:

      I am looking for the song sung at the closing of Sn 2 Ep 6. It sounds as if the five satins are singing but I can’t find a song of theirs that matches it. I know it says something like “when I loved you I was lonely” It is under the voive of Vanessa redgrave and she says something about love not spoken. I really loved the song and would like to find a recording. Thank you.

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Ian says:

      Best I can do…..great song, great voice.


      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Brad Hollinger says:

      Wedding song at end of holiday episode:

      Comé Prima/More Than Ever, Malcom Vaughn
      Many recordings available for usual cost, but have not been able to find the EXACT version used in the episode. The “Comé Prima” is missing. Seems like everybody has the same cut, and they don’t vary from album to album, – but it IS very nearly the same recording.

      If anybody finds it, I hope your post finds me. :-)

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • jjzale says:

      who sang the song” more than ever “on tonights episode? i enjoy all of the music in each episode.

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

    • Mal Williams says:

      Who was the solo singer of “All The Things You Are” in the 2013 Cristmas Special

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

      • Roger Morris says:

        With regard to the singer of “All the Things You Are” over the closing credits of the 2013 Christmas special, I’m almost certain it’s the American Vic Damone. Google All the Things You Are Vic Damone to hear his version. I too thought it was especially beautiful but it wasn’t credited.

        Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Adding to yesterdays question. Would like the name of the song. It plays at 20:25 on the digital time read out and is played while the nuns are unwinding bandages. The song sound more like harpsichord and then orchestra and the complete song plays. I believe my mother used to play this on piano in our home when I was a child. Would love to know the name, who composed it, date, and the printed sheet music if possible. Thank you again.

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • Levah Worley says:

      Looking for the name of the piano piece played on Episode 5 of this current series. Today is May 13, 2013, and the episode was on about three weeks ago. We watch Call The Midwife on PBS (Public Broadcasting System) in Oregon USA on cable channel 7. Thank you for whatever you can do to find this info.

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    • Janet Holt says:

      Where can I purchase the Album for Call the Midwife?

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    • mary says:

      who was the singer on feb 24th episode.? it sounded a lot like pat boone

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    • Danielle says:

      Thank you so much for listing the songs and linking the youtube videos. I was able to find the song I was looking for: Eydie Gorme – Love Me Forever

      Like or Dislike this comment: Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

    • René says:

      Who was the solo singer on to nights episode and what is the name of the song.?

      Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

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