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    Chinese Zodiac Soundtrack List

    Chinese Zodiac (Armour of God III, CZ12) Movie (2012) Soundtrack List – Tracklist – OST – Listen to Original Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score list, all songs list – playlist, who sings them, including end credits.

    Chinese Zodiac (Armour of God III, CZ12) Soundtrack Information:

    Original Release Date: December 27, 2012
    Label: Roc Music Studio
    Copyright: 2012 Roc Chen
    Total Length: 39:02
    Genres: Pop

    Below you can view the complete Chinese Zodiac (Armour of God III, CZ12) Soundtrack (score) list:

    Original score composed by Roc Chen:

    1. Opening: the Beauty and Destruction of the Summer Palace
    2. Mp Corp’s Conspiracy “Theme of Bonnie”
    3. Body Blading I: the Presence of Jc
    4. Body Blading II: Jc On Cliff, Army Trucks & Motorcycles
    5. Body Blading III: Arriving of the Helicopter & CZ12 Title
    6. Jc Team Arrived in Paris (Song)
    7. Escaping from the French Castle
    8. French Garden I: Labyrinth & Dogs
    9. French Garden II: French Dogs Understand Chinese & Flying from Garden
    10. A Girl in Car Catches a Man of Paragliding and the Result Is Hitting a Bus
    11. Jc Flies Into the Car
    12. Unstoppable (the Montage Song of Switching the Bronze Head)
    13. To the Island
    14. Beach Night: Never Change Clothes With Lights On
    15. The Lizard and the Search On the Island
    16. The Discovery of the “Indestructible”
    17. Confession of the Count, 3 Stamps Are Destroyed
    18. Coco Has Found the Truth
    19. Bonnie Steals Keys
    20. Desperate Coco Call for Help
    21. The Fourth Skydiver
    22. Sky Battle, Rescure & Jc Got the Dragon Head
    23. The Willing of Sacrifice Upon Volcano
    24. Ending “the Surprise”
    25. Taste of Paris (Bonus Track)

    Original score composed by Nathan Wang:

    1. Burning of the Summer Palaces / I Have to Pee Pee
    2. Bonnie Steals the Key
    3. Roller Body
    4. 12 Zodiac Heads / Y Raying Heads
    5. Paris Airport / Coco’s Shouting / Sorry No Pictures
    6. Entering the Chateau
    7. Discovering Long Lost Arts
    8. Dogs in the Maze
    9. Parachuting on the Hightway
    10. Catherine’s Mansion
    11. The Rooster Head / Great Grandfather
    12. Look at the Picture / Let’s Get to Work Montage
    13. Night on the Island
    14. The Ship Undermeath
    15. Fighting on the Island / After Explosion
    16. Coco’s Speech
    17. Getting off the Island
    18. Gold Lost in the Ocean
    19. Have You Seen These Two People
    20. Coco Ask for Help
    21. Making Forgeries
    22. Couch Fight
    23. I’ll Prove It
    24. Photo Shoot Fight
    25. The Info Was Stolen / News Reports
    26. Fighting for the Dragon Head / Airborne Fighting / Falling Dragon
    27. Simon Proposes to Bonnie / On Bed
    28. Time for the Dragon to Fly
    29. Crash Landing / Tragic
    30. Chinese Zodiac Piano Suite

    Chinese Zodiac (CZ12, Armour of God III) Film Information:

    Genre: Action, Adventure
    Release Date: 20 December 2012
    Length: 120 minutes

    Director: Jackie Chan
    Writers: Jackie Chan, Frankie Chan
    Stars: Jackie Chan, Oliver Platt and Laura Weissbecker

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      Thank you, but the very last song that is played during the end credits is not listed here. Do you by any chance know the song name and artist? That ‘s what I’m really after.

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