Continuum Season 2 Soundtrack List (2013)

Continuum Season 2 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 1 “Second Chances” s02e01
Original air date: April 21 2013

Retribution Blues by One Bad Son
– song played, at the bar, when Kiera and Kellog
Ritual by The Belle Game
– mom of Alec visits his new digs.
So Many Females by Times Neue Roman
Wake Up by Humans
Sisters and Brothers by We Need Surgery

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 2 “Split Second” s02e02
Original air date: April 28 2013

Never Enough by Sweatshop Union
– song played during the toast of Kellog at the party
Apple Martini by Danny Slawn Trio
Forever Alone by DIRTY RADIO
Lovers Collide by Adaline
Be My Light by Daniel Wesley

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 3 “Second Thoughts” s02e03
Original air date: May 5 2013

Good As Gold by Dala
– song played when Kiera tries to prevent her sister from jumping
Knot In My Heart (unknown remix) by The Zolas
– When Ricky crashes his car while playing games with Alec and the girls
Makeshift Kingdom by Sweatshop Union
– when Travis tries to make the gangs work together in the club
Knot In My Heart (Nancey remix) by The Zolas

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 4 “Second Skin” s02e04
Original air date: May 12 2013

All for you by Lexi Strate
– when Rex’s clothes catches fire at the reception
Strange Lady by Dominique Fricot
– at the end of the episode while Emily and Alec meet
This Old Heart by Portage and Main
Feeling Roughed Up by The Mocking Bird
Coming Back Home by Zachary Lucky
Alaska by Patric Caird

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 5 “Second Opinion” s02e05
Original air date: May 26 2013

Promise You by Caleb Stull

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 6 “Second Truths” s02e06
Original air date: June 2 2013

Movie Bass Song (feat. David Mann) by Alexander Boynton Jr.
– scene where Kiera is talking with the daughter of the victim
Can’t Getcha Out by Nat Jay
Star Gazing by Robert Wilson
Down Broke Down by Corduroy Kid ft. Matt Rogers

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 7 “Second Degree” s02e07
Original air date: June 9 2013

Chord Steps by Messy Shelters
– song from the closing scene

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 8 “Second Listen” s02e08
Original air date: June 16 2013

The Wall by The Invisible
– song played during the credits

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 9 “Seconds” s02e09
Original air date: July 7 2013

Only The Young Die Good by Wide Mouth Mason
– Alec and Julian playing pool

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 10 “Second Wave” s02e10
Original air date: July 14 2013

Bruises to Ashes by The Belle Game
– song played when Emily and Ashes talk about Arc
Bruises to Ash by The Belle Game

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 11 “Second Guess” s02e11
Original air date: July 21 2013

Everyone Is Everyone (and Everything Is Everything) by Au4
– song played in the scene featuring Esher
Stompbox by The Qemists
– when the police is arresting people

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 12 “Second Last” s02e12
Original air date: July 28 2013

Bluetrace by Stateless
– closing song

Continuum (Season 2) – Episode 13 “Second Time” s02e13
Original air date: August 4 2013

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