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    Covert Affairs Season 4 Soundtrack List (2013)

    Covert Affairs Season 4 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 1 “Vamos” s04e01
    Original air date: July 16 2012

    Bones by Ms Mr
    Opening song when phone call and also Annie & Auggie in Bed
    Fireproof by The National
    (0:53) Augie tells Annie about Arthur’s Son on the flight back to Langley
    Juana by Bomba Estéreo
    (0:18) Auggie and Annie are at the restaurant with the Station Chief of Colombia
    Mi Kolombia by Systema Solar
    (0:09) Annie walks through the plaza outside the Banco
    Ya Verás by Systema Solar
    Annie and Auggie walk towards their meeting with the banker
    Feelin’ by Bomba Estéreo
    Calder chastises Annie & Auggie for not saying goodbye, then insists they join him for a drink.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 2 “Dig For Fire” s04e02
    Original air date: July 23 2012

    Blowers Daughter by Scala & Kolacny Brothers

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 3 “Into the White” s04e03
    Original air date: July 30 2012

    Suego Faults by Wolf Gang
    (0:59) Annie is leaving Colombia and bought a phone to call Auggie.
    La Niña Rica by Bomba Estéreo
    Annie on the train. Montage of young boy riding through Colombia to deliver a package with flower on it.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 4 “Rock A My Soul” s04e04
    Original air date: August 6 2012

    “This episode needs your help to add the songs”

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 5 “Here Comes Your Man” s04e05
    Original air date: August 13 2012

    Sapphire by Bonobo
    Annie in Vienna and arrives at her hotel room.
    First Fires (feat. Grey Reverend) by Bonobo
    Annie arrives at Opera house
    Let the Day Begin by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    ‘Round Midnight by Miles Davis
    Annie and Auggie final scene.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 6 “Space (I Believe In)” s04e06
    Original air date: August 20 2012

    “This episode needs your help to add the songs”

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 7 “Crackity Jones” s04e07
    Original air date: August 27 2012

    Smother by Daughter
    [Spoiler Alert] In the last 60 seconds, when Auggie and Annie break up!
    Sea of Love by The National
    Start of episode

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 8 “I’ve Been Waiting For You” s04e08
    Original air date: September 3 2012

    Ms by Alt-J
    (0:01) Annie arrives at her new apartment.
    Wheels by Fink
    Annie drives down the road toward a farm and takes a armored truck.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 9 “Hang Wire” s04e09
    Original air date: September 10 2012

    “This episode needs your help to add the songs”

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 10 “Levitate Me” s04e10
    Original air date: September 17 2012

    Bones by Ms Mr
    (0:49) After Annie writes a letter to her sister and while Calder looks for Annie at the exchange
    Levitate Me by Pixies
    Elephant by Tame Impala
    (0:15) Annie leaves the BMW in the garage and then goes shopping.
    Reckoner by Radiohead
    (0:57) Annie says goodbye to Eyal

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 11 “Dead” s04e11
    Original air date: October 17 2013

    Where Is My Mind? by Pixies
    (0:02) Annie dyes her hair and creates a new passport.
    Double Edge (GeRM Remix) by Emika
    Annie asks Rhys about an apartment rental.

    Covert Affairs (Season 4) – Episode 12 “Something Against You” s04e12
    Original air date: October 24 2013

    In Two by Nine Inch Nails
    Annie gets into Rhys trap
    Lapdance (feat. Lee Harvey & Vita) by N.E.R.D, Lee Harvey & Vita
    Annie goes to Rhys for help


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