CSI: NY Season 9 Soundtrack List (2012)

CSI: NY Season 9 Soundtrack List (2012-2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.CSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 1 “Reignited” s09e01 Original air date: September 28 2012“This episode needs your help to add the songs”CSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 2 “Where There’s Smoke…” s09e02 Original air date: October 5 2012God from the Machine by Santigold – song played as Danny and Lindsay make investigation in the ElevatorCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 3 “2,918 Miles” s09e03 Original air date: October 12 2012I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li – Lindsey & Sheldon examine the Evidence Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy) by Rob Zombie – song played as Mac tries to catch the criminalCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 4 “Unspoken” s09e04 Original air date: October 19 2012The Forgotten by Green Day – song played as Sid is examining the body of the girl Stop When the Red Lights Flash by Green Day – music singing after the gunshots and during the chasing Amy by Green Day – song played as the little girl is dead on the ground Night Life by Green Day – when Lindsay is in the hospital and sees the criminal by the window Kill the DJ by Green Day – song played during the abduction scene in the theaterCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 5 “Misconceptions” s09e05 Original air date: October 26 2012Night Life by Green Day – song played as Lindsey is in the lab Iron Doors by The Lighthouse and The Whaler – when the action takes place on the baseball field Don’t Owe You a Thang by Gary Clark Jr. – song played as Flack is making breakfast.CSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 6 “The Lady in the Lake” s09e06 Original air date: November 2 2012Curbstomp by Meg Myers – song heard as the evidence from The Lady in the Lake is examined Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin – song from closing sceneCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 7 “Clue: SI” s09e07 Original air date: November 9 2012La valse d’Amélie (Piano Version) by Yann Tiersen – song played as the evidence are examined Don’t Say Nothing by The Heavy – music heard as evidence from Mr. Green are verified Comptine d’un autre été – L’après-midi by Yann Tiersen – opening scene La valse d’Amélie (Orchestra Version) by Yann Tiersen – song from first scene of the episode.CSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 8 “Late Admissions” s09e08 Original air date: November 16 2012Black Jack White by Spirit Animal – song from the beginning with the kids and AdderallCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 9 “Blood Out” s09e09 Original air date: November 30 2012After Dark by Tito & Tarantula – song played at the pool game Shoulders of Fortune by This Ground Moves – music playing as Hawkes is analyzing the trace from wounds Tessellate by Alt-J – song played as the team leads the investigation of the crime SceneCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 10 “The Real McCoy” s09e10 Original air date: December 7 2012With A Girl Like You by The Troggs – song played by the guy who is later shot in the first scenes Affection by Crystal Castles – music played as the examination of the body takes place Catgroove by Parov Stelar – opening sceneCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 11 “Command+P” s09e11 Original air date: January 4 2013Gun by Emiliana Torrini – song played when they do the autopsy That’s Life by Frank Sinatra – song from the opening scene All That You Know by Silent Rider – music singing as Mac is examining the shrapnels Bigger Than Love by Benjamin Gibbard – song played when the guys are at the Ping-pong bar.CSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 12 “Civilized Lies” s09e12 Original air date: January 11 2013Go Stop Go by Mothmatix – in the lab as the team is analyzing the bulletsCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 13 “Nine Thirteen” s09e13 Original air date: January 18 2013Processed Beats by Kasabian – song played at the lab scene Medicine Man (feat. Ella Thompson) by The Bamboos – second song played at processing evidence Love Is a Madness by No Sinner – song from the opening scene when a persons falls from a buildingCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 14 “White Gold” s09e14 Original air date: February 1 2013Highs And Lows by Mellow BravoCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 15 “Seth and Apep” s09e15 Original air date: February 8 2013Long Way Down by Maudlin Strangers – analyzing the evidenceCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 16 “Blood Actually” s09e16 Original air date: February 15 2013At Last by Etta James – opening scene song Happy In My Heartache by josh groban – song played at the piano in the club happy in my heartache by josh grobanCSI: NY (Season 9) – Episode 17 “Today is Life” s09e17 Original air date: February 22 2013“This episode needs your help to add the songs”


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