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Brennan Hillard - Fame Soundtrack Lyrics

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Brennan Hillard – Fame Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Dance Flick” Movie (2009) ] 

Baby, look at me.
I’m just an average teen.
In gym class, I watch you undress, it’s a secret that’s fashion-like. (Tramp.)

I’ve got company.
I’m gonna set it free.
I’m Lance Romantic’s number one fan.
Don’t you know what I mean.

Now that you know that i’m gay.
I’ll be gay forever.
I will always love guys! (GUYS!)

I’ll wear trousers of leather.
*I don’t know this one, sorry.*
Brokeback Mountain was heaven.

It’s my secret fame. (FAME.)
I’m gonna love men forever.
If you rmemeber, i’m gay.
(Remember, remember, remember.)
I’m gay.

Remember i’m gay!

[Brennan Hillard – Fame Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Dance Flick Movie (2009)
Dance Flick Movie (2009) Soundtrack
Name"Dance Flick" Movie (2009)

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Brennan Hillard - Fame Soundtrack Lyrics

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