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    Gossip Girl Season 6 Soundtrack List (2012)

    Gossip Girl Season 6 Soundtrack List (2012) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 10 “New York, I Love You XOXO” s06e10

    Kill Me – The Pretty Reckless
    It’s Time – Imagine Dragons
    Everyone met at Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Body of Work – The Mynabirds
    As people discover Gossip Girl’s identity.
    You’ve Got the Love – Florence + the Machine
    Serena’s & Dan’s wedding
    Bonnie & Clyde – Great Northern
    Chuck’s & Blair’s Scape helped by Georgina
    Pon de Replay – Rihanna
    Flashback – Katy’s Birthday
    Road to Nowhere – Release The Sunbird
    Central Park wedding

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 9 “The Revengers” s06e09

    Hanging On – Ellie Goulding
    At his apartment, Nate talks to Sage about still having the info to reveal Gossip Girl’s identity. Dan tells Serena that he got an apartment in her building and tries to convince her to stay in NYC.
    Are Lovers – Minnaars
    Ivy meets up with Blair, Chuck, Serena and Nate at The Oak Room
    Buccaneer Mastery – I Am In Love
    Blair and Bass hear about the plane crash in which Chuck was supposed to die
    Busy Hands – Minnaars
    Mutiny – Married to the Sea
    Dan and Georgina checking the appartment Dan wants to buy
    Just a Thought – Lady Mary
    Blair, Serena, Georgina, Ivy and Sage arrive at the Man of the Year Ceremony

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 8 “It’s Really Complicated” s06e08

    Tunnels – The Hundred In the Hands
    final scene and credits
    For You – Wolf Rider
    Opening scene
    Pomelos – Mechanical River
    Silent Machine – Cat Power
    Serena confronts Dan, Nate punches Dan.

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 7 “Save the Last Chance” s06e07

    Humanimal – Fire In The Hamptons
    Dan & Serena discuss plans for the day in bed
    Red Lips – Sky Ferreira
    Ivy pitches her idea to Bart & Chuck
    Oh My! (feat. B.o.B) – Haley Reinhart
    Serena & Blair apologize to each before making breakfast plans
    Pretenders – Antennas Up
    Blair leaves a message for Serena
    Famous – Katy Tiz
    Nelly & Blair discuss plans to find out what the teens think of the new line
    Dancing Alone – DIRTY RADIO
    Blair & Chuck discuss problems with the Dons
    Get Wild – Niki Watkins
    Serena tells Blair that the girls love her after being accused of trying to sabotage her
    Heart Killer – Gossling
    follows the microfilm from Ivy to Lily
    Kill for Love – Chromatics
    Georgina finds out Dan is writing a chapter on Serena

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 6 “Where the Vile Things Are” s06e06

    Vivid – Lemonade
    During scene with Dan and Serena sitting on the couch eating chocolate strawberries!
    Deals – All Wrong and the Plans Change
    Dan and Serena play pool
    Flutes – Hot Chip
    Be Gone – Tara Simmons
    Lily tries to buy back the painting from Ivy.
    Stay – MNDR
    Ivy talks on the phone; end of episode
    So Electric – Wild Future
    Blair tells her mother she’s resigning from Waldorf Designs

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 5 “Monstrous Ball” s06e05

    Stay – MNDR
    Super Rich Kids – Frank Ocean
    old scenes of Cotillion; Blair and Dan talk about a dress
    Lost – Frank Ocean
    Blair talks to Lily on the phone.
    Pyramids – Frank Ocean
    Sage kisses Nate
    Sweet Life – Frank Ocean
    Beginning of Cotillion, Georgina talks to Dan, Blair talks to Chuck, and Serena to Lily.
    Thinkin Bout You – Frank Ocean
    Lily talks to Bart, Chuck to Ivy, and Blair with Dorota. Serena and Dan having dinner.

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 4 “Portrait of a Lady Alexander” s06e04

    Paper and Gun – The Cold and Lovely
    Blair & Chuck try to see Lady Alexander
    I Can Go – White Arrows
    Nate reviews Dan’s new chapter
    Pick & Choose – StepDad
    Lily, Chuck & Blair arrive at the horse show
    Warrior (Jungles, Pt. 2) – StepDad
    Georgina views the sex tape

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 3 “Dirty Rotten Scandals” s06e03

    We Are Girls – Rebecca & Fiona
    Blair reviews pieces for her debut
    Let Go – The Japanese Popstars
    Blair talks to the press about her show
    U.B.C.L. – MNDR
    Model takes off her dress on the runway
    I Go Away – MNDR
    Chuck bribes a former bodyguard
    The Riot’s Gone – Santigold
    Chuck comforts Blair
    We Are So Alive Tonight – Wild Future
    Nate and Blair speak with Sage, getting ready for the Model show.
    Let’s Party Like Never Before – Cave Dweller
    Ivy suggests Rufus to escort her to the gala reopening.
    Tense Bossa – Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra
    Blair faints while talking with Dorota.

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 2 “High Infidelity” s06e02

    Girl Like Me – Ladyhawke
    entering scene
    Who – David Byrne & St. Vincent
    Dan and Georgina meeting journalists
    Champion Sound – Crystal Fighters
    beginning of the party
    Nuclear Seasons – Charli XCX
    Chuck opens envelope from Amira

    Gossip Girl (Season 6) – Episode 1 “Gone Maybe Gone” s06e01

    Hang It Up – The Ting Tings
    Beginning of the episode.
    Gone Gone Gone – Ladyhawke
    Georgina sees Chuck’s limo in a gas station.
    Dance – Rebecca & Fiona
    End of the episode.
    Angels – The XX
    Blair and Chuck in the limousine after they found S

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