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    Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Soundtrack List (2012)

    Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Soundtrack List (2012-2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 24 “Perfect Storm” s09e24
    Original air date: May 16 2013

    Without You by Ingrid Michaelson
    – the scene where Meredith is being operated on by Bailey while Yang is searching her, the bus that was taking Avery explodes, Derek and Christina run, April has a break down and Avery walks out of the fire of the bus
    Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman
    – song played as Bailey is asking about Webber he sits on the floor.
    All of Me by John Legend
    – song played as Alex kisses Jo, April tells her feelings to Avery and Christina and Owen break up
    All of Me by Matt Hammitt

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 23 “Readiness is All” s09e23
    Original air date: May 9 2013

    I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by Sleeping at Last
    – song from the closing scene when Alex and Jo have a confrontation at home about her actions
    You Belong to Me by The Boxer Rebellion
    – music playing as Webber and Bailey talk, while Owen and Meredith talk about adopting a baby
    I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers
    – song played during Matthew proposal for April

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 22 “Do You Believe in Magic” s09e22
    Original air date: May 2 2013

    New York by The Boxer Rebellion
    – song from final scene
    Uneven Odds by Sleeping at Last
    – song played as Cristina is reversing the drug of the patient, the magician finds out his wife is better and Webber decides to call Ben
    Rust Or Gold by Jill andrews
    – Avery and Stephanie meet up at Joes, Lauren and Arizona are in the elevator, Brooks and Ross discuss
    Owen and Ethan playing soccer.
    Want Me (The Diogenes Club Remix) by Misfitz
    Beat of the Drum by Van She
    – song played as Cristina writes on her laptop and has a phone conversation with a hospital from France, Derek works on the brain of Iris, Jackson is looking at April in surgery, Arizona is watching Lauren go over the surgery of  Tyler
    Uneven odds by Sleeping at Last
    – song played as the assistant and the “Magician” discuss about his wife,  Jo and Karev have a ‘talk’…

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 21 “Sleeping Monster” s09e21
    Original air date: April 25 2013

    Broken by Jake Bugg
    – song played as the patient of Callie goes under, Peckwell delivers a baby, Shepherd enters the elevator, Seth is crashing, Ethan’s mum dies
    Say Anything (feat. Jill Andrews) by Anderson East
    – Bailey sits on a bench and cries
    Avalanche by Zola Jesus
    – scene from the opening scene
    Think by Aretha Franklin
    – Bailey thinks about her surgery
    Sea Fog by Keane
    – song played as Bailey is finding out she has a staph strain

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 20 “She’s Killing Me” s09e20
    Original air date: March 28 2013

    My Number by Foals
    – song played as the Syrian doctors learn from Christina, Meredith, April, Callie and Jackson
    Clair de lune (feat. christine hoberg) by Flight Facilities
    – song played as Christina and Meredith discuss in the park
    Cold World by Jon E.K.
    – when the patient of Bailey crashes and  April gives equipment to the Syrian doctors
    Home by Phillip Phillips
    The Day You Went Away by The Rubens
    – opening song

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 19 “Can’t Fight This Feeling” s09e19
    Original air date: March 28 2013

    Roll On Hills by Annie Williams
    – surgery room
    Amsterdam by Daughter
    – song played as Christina and Owen are in the on call room,  Jackson and April deal with a moribund patient.
    Teach Me by Keaton Henson
    – Jackson is comforting April after she lost a patient
    The Airborne Toxic EVent by The Storm
    The Storm by The Airborne Toxic Event
    – end song
    Spark by Fitz & The Tantrums
    – song from the beginning

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 18 “Idle Hands” s09e18
    Original air date: March 21 2013

    Hollow Drum by Laura Welsh
    – Callie messages the leg of Arizona and  Students walk into the room and talk with the teacher
    Hey Love by Quadron
    – song from opening when Owen and Christina admire the new ER machine,  Callie waits for Arizona to come out and Derek talks to the baby of Meredith
    Shadow of a Man by Neulore
    – song from ending, Karev and Webber discuss, Callie and Arizona share a private moment, Derek and Meredith observe the x-ray.
    Open Letter by The Helio Sequence
    – song played as the three surgeries are taking place featuring Meredith and Miranda resection problem, Derek’s brain surgery and  Yang’s first chance to install a valve of Lotus
    Big Light by Houses
    – The students walk in to see their teacher after the surgery

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 17 “Transplant Wasteland” s09e17
    Original air date: March 14 2013

    Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids
    – song from the opening of the episode
    Go first by Rose Cousins
    – the patient of Kepner dies
    Distant Shouts by Little Children
    – song played as the patient enters in sock before dying, Alex and Yang are going to surgery
    Go First by Rose Cousins

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 16 “This Is Why We Fight” s09e16
    Original air date: February 21 2013

    Mountains by Kris Orlowski & Andrew Joslyn
    – song played as Cristina meets Owen in the bar, April and Shane talk, Brooks and Bailey also discuss
    Bones by Ms Mr
    – Derek and Richard fly with the helicopter to try to convince Julian Crest to make an investment in the hospital.
    What I Wouldn’t Do by Serena Ryder
    – song from the closing scene
    salty sweet by msmr
    – song played as Mousey is telling to her interns about what she heard.
    Never Gonna Let You Go by Esthero
    – from the opening scene
    Salty Sweet by Ms Mr
    – song played as Mousey and other people discuss about the hospital being sold.

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 15 “Hard Bargain” s09e15
    Original air date: February 14 2013

    Synthetica by Metric
    – song from the beginning
    Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rihanna
    – the group goes to the board room and announce they quit
    Dead In the Water by Ellie Goulding
    – song from the final scene
    Inhaler by Foals

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 14 “The Face Of Change” s09e14
    Original air date: February 7 2013

    Crash by Sum 41
    – promo song
    You Belong Here by Leagues
    Gun-Shy by Grizzly Bear
    – song from the closing scene
    Turn It Around by Lucius
    – start song
    Spotlight by Leagues
    – song from the surgeries
    Song for Zula by Phosphorescent
    – music singing as Alex, Jackson and Jess talk, Meredith is talking to Alex about Jo, Webber tells Callie he wants to retire
    Forever by Matt Hires

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 13 “Bad Blood” s09e13
    Original air date: January 31 2013

    In Your Arms Again by Josh Ritter
    – closing song
    Shut Eye by Stealing Sheep
    – intro song
    Come By Fire by Sara Jackson-Holman
    – the patient of Cristina dies.
    Crash by Sum 41
    – next episode’s promo
    Shine In The Sun by Wild Belle
    Town on Fire by No
    – song played as Arizona is helping the young patient
    Town On Fire (MGC Remix) by No
    – music singing as Arizona tells Simmi to get out of bed and walk; Alana is thanked by the members of the family of the man she saved. April and Derek tell Alana about their plan to save the ER.

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 12 “Walking on a Dream” s09e12
    Original air date: January 24 2013

    Time to Run by Lord Huron
    – opening song
    Someone by Future of Forestry
    – song from the surgery
    Forever by Matt Hires
    – ending song
    No Promises – Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By: Shayne Ward by Studio Group
    Day One by Glory Pop
    – song from the promo in Canada

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 11 “The End is the Beginning is the End ” s09e11
    Original air date: January 17 2013

    Stompa by Serena Ryder
    – opening song
    Disaster by The Mynabirds
    – ping-pong game of Shepherd
    What It’s Worth (feat. Mark Peters) by Engineers
    – song played as Webber talks with the mom of Jackson and Jackson tells April he made love with Stephanie
    Shine On Everything by Left Hand Smoke
    – ending song

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 10 “Things We Said Today” s09e10

    Original air date: January 10 2013

    Trojans by Atlas Genius
    – The attendings eat and the interns are sitting at a bar and talking.
    Lightning Bolts by IKO
    – Christina and Owen get divorced
    Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
    – Richard is teling Meredith that Adele died as he watches the dance of Miranda
    Speed the Collapse by Metric
    – song from the opening scene
    My Funny Valentine by Angela McClusky with Tryptich
    – song from the finals scene of the chapter
    Nothing to Hide by Diego Garcia
    – song played as Miranda and Ben see eachother in the hospital
    What I Needed by Erin McCarley
    – song played at the wedding of Bailey when she has a discussion with her mom at the buffet

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 9 “Run, Baby, Run” s09e09

    Jingle Bells – Sugar & The Hi Lows

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 8 “Love Turns You Upside Down” s09e08

    Knock you out – Owen Westlake Remix – Tiesto Ft. Emily Hanes
    – song played as Dr. Yang does the surgery of heart transplant on the baby
    Santa Fe – Beirut
    – song played as Meredith and Derek have a fight and Heather is frustrated.
    Nothing That I Care About – Broadheds
    – Callie and Jackson test the interns to find out who would be able to do an important surgery.
    Something All Our Own – Broadheds
    – Shane and April have a conversation

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 7 “I Was Made For Lovin You” s09e07

    Signal in the Sky – Matt Hires
    – Owen and Cristina have a talk in her house, Meredith waits for Derek at home to tell him important news
    1957 – Milo Greene
    – the group listens as Owen is finishing up the morning Metting of Attending
    Let You Go – Katie Herzig
    – Richard is working on his research while Owen comes in
    Mexico – The Soft Pack
    – Bailey meet Richard in front of the elevator, Joe, Shane, Stephanie and Heather are drinking and playing darts.

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 6 “Second Opinion” s09e06

    Dazed and Confused – IKO
    – Owen and Jo have a fight
    And Still, The Darkness Comes – Aron Wright
    – Alex talk with Meredith about improving himself by buying her house
    Museum of Flight – Damien Jurado
    – song played as Derek is sitting with the lawyers
    You Could Have It (So Much Better Without Me) – Miss Li
    – Christina returns to her empty house
    Connected – Caught A Ghost
    – Jackson argue with someone fro redirecting a mail that was ment for someone else, to him

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 5 “Beautiful Doom” s09e05

    Ghosts – On An On
    – song played as Meredith dances at the part, Dr Thomas has a stroke.
    Passenger – Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes
    – opening scene
    Australia – Conner Youngblood
    – song laying as Meredith and Christina take the decision to stay in the hospital
    Flowers Turn to Fire – O+S
    – song played as Cristina is walking down the hospital’s corridors
    Gold – Wake Owl
    – scene from the end

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 4 “I Saw Her Standing There” s09e04
    Original air date: October 25 2012

    Moving On – Calahan
    Forever Drunk (Live) – Miss Li
    – scene in the bed
    I’ll Never Forget You – Birdy
    – Dr. Webber and the patient of Dr. Avery talk about who he really feels something for
    Home – Daughter
    – scene from the closing  Yang is with the older doctor at the bar, Derek shares a private moment with Meredith

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 3 “Love the One You’re With” s09e03
    Original air date: October 18 2012

    Heat Lightning – Icky Blossoms
    What Could You Do? – Dolorean
    Oh My! (feat. B.o.B) – Haley Reinhart
    What Makes a Good Man? – The Heavy
    It’s All Okay – Julia Stone
    I Won’t Back Down – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 2 “Remember the Time” s09e02
    Original air date: October 4 2012

    All I Want – Kodaline

    Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9) – Episode 1 “Going Going Gone” s09e01
    Original air date: September 27 2012

    My Oh My – Tristan Prettyman
    Where to Now – Cider Sky
    Into You – Ingrid Michaelson
    Portions for Foxes – Rilo Kiley
    Body of Work – The Mynabirds
    Feels Like the End – Mikky Ekko
    My Heart Goes Boom – Miss Li
    Without You – One Two


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    • Emma says:

      I LOVE MSMR thanks to Episode 16! They just came out with a new album, Secondhand Rapture, and I’ve been obsessed with “Hurricane” ever since I streamed the whole thing a few days ago. Definitely check out the video they have for that song http://smarturl.it/MSMRVevo

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