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1. The Moment (feat. Aaron Sevigny) Scott Allan Mathews 3:04
2. Celebrate Hope (feat. Keri Blumer) Scott Allan Mathews 3:11
3. Set Me Free Scott Allan Mathews & Casii Stephan 3:27
4. He Is Here Will Retherford 4:19
5. Broken (feat. Steve Ripley) Scott Allan Mathews 2:13
6. You Are Not Alone (feat. Brooke Williams) Scott Allan Mathews 3:58
7. Remembering Home Scott Allan Mathews 4:27
8. I Surrender Scott Allan Mathews & Jesse Graver 4:30
9. Never the Same (feat. Jennifer Griggs) Scott Allan Mathews 5:02
10. Beautiful Mile (feat. Miriam Springer) Scott Allan Mathews 4:02
11. I’m in Love (feat. Jacob Wright) Scott Allan Mathews 3:00
12. Freedom (feat. Matt Nightingale) Scott Allan Mathews

Home Run Film Information:

Genre: Drama, Sport
Release date: 19 April 2013 (USA)

Director: David Boyd
Writers: Brian Brightly, Candace Lee
Stars: Scott Elrod, Dorian Brown, Charles Henry Wyson

“A pro ball player with a substance abuse problem is forced into rehab in his hometown, finding new hope when he gets honest about his checkered past, and takes on coaching duties for a misfit Little League team”

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Home Run The Movie Soundtrack I Surrender

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Interested to know who wrote and produced the songs? Have a look below:

1. Broken Written By: Scott Allan Mathews

Produced By: Scott Allan Mathews 2. I'm In Love Written By: Scott Allan Mathews

Produced By: Scott Allan Mathews 3. I Surrender Written By: Scott Allan Mathews Produced By: Scott Allan Mathews

4. The Moment Written By: William Olson Produced By: Scott Allan Mathews

5. Freedom Written By: Scott Allan Mathews Produced By: Scott Allan Mathews

6. Never The Same Written By: Todd Mather Produced By: Scott Mathews

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