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    October Baby Soundtrack List

    October Baby Movie (2012) Soundtrack List – Tracklist - OST – Listen to Original Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score list, all songs list – playlist, who sings them, including end credits.

    Below you can view October Baby Complete Soundtrack List:
    Music by various artists:

    01. Hesitate — Steve Moakler
    02. Oh My Stars — Andrew Belle
    03. Always on My Mind — Mandi Mapes
    04. All the Faint Lights — Steve Moakler
    05. Hold My Heart — Tenth Avenue North
    06. Life is Beautiful — The Afters
    07. My Oldest Friend — Andrew Belle
    08. Where You Are — Mandi Mapes
    09. Make It Without You — Andrew Belle
    10. Broken (Beautiful) — Chris Sligh
    11. Now More than Ever — Brandon Heath
    12. Ocean Floor — Gianna Jessen
    13. One — Chris Sligh
    14. When a Heart Breaks — Ben Rector
    15. Willow Tree — Chris Sligh

    Film Information from IMDB:

    Directors: Andrew Erwin, Jon Erwin
    Writers: Cecil Stokes (story), Jon Erwin (story)
    Stars: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey and John Schneider

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    Scene descriptions:

    01. Hesitate — Steve Moakler - Movie Intro. Opening Credits. Boy & girl playing. Movie Title. Hannah preparing for an audition. [0']
    02. Oh My Stars — Andrew Belle - After sort of a fight with Jason's girlfriend, Hanna leaves the hotel (where they all stayed) in the middle of the night. Plays in background in the morning when Jason catches her up with a rental car. After Hannah's father calls Jason and advises him to call her. Plays in background as Jason calls Hannah to ask her out on their first date. [39'; 1h 36']
    04. All the Faint Lights — Steve Moakler - Plays in background as Jason picks Hanna up from the road. They drive to Mobile. Having fun at the beach, there. [40']
    06. Life is Beautiful — The Afters - End Credits. 2nd song. [1h 45']
    07. My Oldest Friend — Andrew Belle - Jason and Hanna - just the two of them. They fall asleep in a hotel's reception in Mobile. [46']
    08. Where You Are — Mandi Mapes - After Hannah meets with Mary Rutledge, who tells her all about her birth and where she can find her mother. Jason doesn't answer Allana's call. Hannah and Jason go to he law firm to look for Cindy Hastings (Hannah's mother) [1h 06']
    09. Make It Without You — Andrew Belle - Plays in background at the docks, after Hanna tells Jason the truth about her being adopted. Then, in her diary, Hanna wonders if the truth will set her free?! [22']
    10. Broken (Beautiful) — Chris Sligh - Jason and Hannah on their first date, on the stage rehearsing the play she was in at the beginning of the movie. Hanna's biological mother gives birth to another child and finally tells her husband about it. Hannah and Jason leaving for college together. Hanna thanks her parents. Last scene of the movie. End Credits. [1h 38']
    12. Ocean Floor — Gianna Jessen - After Hanna's adoptive mother confesses she lost a pair of twins herself. Tells her how she found her and her brother abandoned. Hanna wondering around town with her journal, enters a church. [1h 20']
    13. One — Chris Sligh - Plays right after Hannah saves them all from a 5000 $ fine for camping out on a preserved beach. Plays in the background while they drive to a nearby hotel. [34']
    14. When a Heart Breaks — Ben Rector - After Hannah's dad interrupts their trip, taking Hannah back home. Jason drives home a day early from all of his friends. He calls Hanna's dad and tells him he was wrong and won't see her anymore. Hannah alone in her room. [1h 17'] 15. Willow Tree — Chris Sligh - Hanna's dad sees her note on the coffee machine, saying she had went on a trip to New Oeleans with her friends. Plays, while they're all in the vand, driving. [29']

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