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    Shameless Season 4 Soundtrack List (2014)

    Shameless Season 4 Soundtrack List (2014) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    Shameless (Season 4) – Episode 1 “Simple Pleasures” s04e01
    Original air date: January 12 2014

    Canyons by Paw City
    Mandy looks at pictures of Lip on her phone and Mickey in the bathroom.
    All Night by Icona Pop
    When Debbie and Holly were at the arcade.
    Do It Like You Do (feat. Nigel Hall) by Lettuce
    Debbie and Fiona simultaneously texting to their guys on their phones.
    Written Down by David Sugar
    Debbie and Fiona simultaneously dress and get ready to start their day.
    Written Down by David E. Sugar
    Debbie and Fiona simultaneously dress and get ready to start their day.
    My Own Mind by Pale Seas
    Sheila prepares and eat dinner alone.

    Shameless (Season 4) – Episode 2 “My Oldest Daughter” s04e02
    Original air date: January 19 2014

    Wiser by Old Man Canyon
    When Lip is rejected by his tutor; Lip and Carl talk on the phone; both Debbie and Carl get off at their train stops.
    SuperLove by Charli XCX
    Fiona sings in the car as she enjoys her lunch, she interrupted by a phone call.
    My Hiroshima by Where’s Jerome
    Lip has sex with girl from the party back at this dorm.
    Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere by The Black Hollies
    Debbie arrives at Matty’s apartment; Matty finishes cooking their dinner, they eat.
    Money Owns This Town by Andrew Kubiszewski
    Debbie and Matty watch “Storage Wars” as they eat dinner.
    I Don’t Want To Be Alone by Eagle Eye Williamson
    Lip tries to head into the cafeteria but gets turned around, he lights up outback instead.
    Harvest by Mergence
    Frank tells Fiona about this other “oldest” daughter.
    Window Sill by Pickwick
    Kisser by Step Rockets
    Window Sill (Recall) by Pickwick
    When Carl goes to talk to the nurse he gets the blood tests from.

    Shameless (Season 4) – Episode 3 “Like Father, Like Daughter” s04e03
    Original air date: January 26 2014

    Panic by The Delphines
    Fiona takes the EL back home; Matty drops Debbie off at home.
    Skull & Bones by A.A. Bondy
    Fiona tries to cover up the hickey on her neck, she tries call Mike only for Robbie to pick up his (Mike’s) phone.
    No Friends by San Cisco
    Instrumental plays when Frank is watching the kids play basketball.
    The Virgin Harry by Red Devil Squadron
    Over the montage of last weeks episode.
    Livin’ On Love by Brice Fox
    Fiona and Mike get dressed in the morning for work.
    You’ve Changed by Ruth
    Sheila tries to cut Liam’s nails and nicks him.
    Never Alone by Long Gone Midnight
    Debbie complains about being hungry; Debbie helps Sheila reply to matching on this dating site.
    Dont Wanna Be Bad No More by Double Fuzz
    Lip comes into work late and get’s grid by this boss.
    Lorena by Guadalupe Plata
    Carl climbs through Kev and Veronica’s window looking for drugs; Frank goes to the marijuana store.
    Strength by Supa & Spidey
    Frank buys drugs at the marijuana store.
    Kisser by Step Rockets
    Debbie tells her friends about Matty’s mannerisms and eccentricities; they discuss sex with Matty.
    Gatito by Guadalupe Plata
    Carl shoplifts with Liam at the market; Carl steals a dog from outside the market.
    Feels So Good by Unisex Salon
    Take Control by Summer Abroad
    Lip is late for class so he “borrows” a bike from the rack and when he does get to class his pen doesn’t work so he has to “borrow” a marker from the Professor.
    Gone by Mikal Cronin
    Kev tell the people at the bar about the bar situation; Veronica goes to puke; Mickey asks Lily if she wants to have sex; Veronica starts to sell her extra pills for money.
    Mite B Rite by Nick Evans Mowery
    Lip tries to write this paper for class.
    Can’t Fight This Feeling by REO Speedwagon
    A drunk Mike sings “Can’t Fight This Feeling” to Fiona in the car as he’s driven home by Robbie and Fiona.
    Bless the Beasts & The Children by Barry de Vorzon/Perry Botkins Jr
    Roger Running Tree strum-downs a song for Sheila in the living of the Gallagher home.
    New Mexico by Bridges and Powerlines
    Fiona and Robbie have sex while Mike is passed out; Mike stumbles out of the bathroom without noticing them and goes into his room; Robbie leaves, Fiona crawls into bed; Debbie lies in bed with Matty.
    Wild Blood by Lovedrug

    Shameless (Season 4) – Episode 4 “Strangers on a Train” s04e04
    Original air date: February 2 2014

    Black Out Days by Phantogram
    Fiona and Robbie have sex in his apartment.
    Ah Yeah (feat. Steph Jones) by Hans Inglish
    Bodies by The Duke Spirit
    Fiona hooks up with Robbie on the L train. (opening scene)
    Embrace by Goldroom
    Debbie tells her friends Matty isn’t ready at the arcade
    Where the Action Isn’t by The Jigsaw Seen
    Lip smashes car windows and runs from cops


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