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    The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013)

    The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
    Original air date: January 14 2013

    Bette Davis Eyes – Kim Carnes
    – scene where Carrie walks in Manhattan for the first time
    Just Can’t Get Enough – Depeche Mode
    – when Carrie enters the Century 21 department store
    Footloose – Kenny Loggins
    – scene where the friends of Carrie are dancing
    Burning Down the House – Talking Heads
    – song played when Carrie and her sister argue about her bag.
    Blue Monday – New Order
    – scene where Carrie is going to school.
    Material Girl (Cover) – The Bird & The Bee
    – when the purse of Carrie gets a make-over.
    White Horse – Laid Back
    – scene where Carrie is going to the club
    Temptation – Cobra Verde
    – when Carrie and her friends from Manhattan discuss in the cab about going to dance or to eat
    Jetfighter – The Three O’Clock
    – scene where the father of Carrie takes her with the car to the 120broadways.
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Greg Laswell
    – scene where Carrie suming up the episode.
    Girls Just Want to Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper
    – song played when Carrie returns to Manhattan.
    Let the Music Play – Shannon
    Hold Me All Night – Jerry Honigman
    I Melt With You – Modern English
    The Way You Love Me (Kills Me) – Jerry Honigman

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 2 “Lie with Me” s01e02
    Original air date: January 21 2013

    We Got the Beat – The Go-Go’s
    – when Carrie and her father go to the office in the morning
    Girls On Film – Duran Duran
    – music playing at the photo session
    Blister In the Sun – Violent Femmes
    – when the girls is leaving the photo session
    Our House – Madness
    – song from the ending of the episode when the girls sit at the table and discuss
    Dancing With Myself – Billy Idol
    – Carrie, Dorrit and their father playing by the car with water hose
    And She Was – Talking Heads

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 3 “Read Before Use” s01e03
    Original air date: January 28 2013

    Head over Heels by The Go-Go’s
    – song from the beginning of the episode
    Drive by The Cars
    – scene near the pond where Carrie and Sebastian are kissing in the park
    Hungry, So Angry by Medium Medium
    – music heard while Carrie, Mouse, Seth and Larissa at the Art Exhibition.
    Chenko by Red Box
    – scene featuring Mouse and Seth who have a discussion outside.
    Penelope Tree by Felt
    When Lightening Starts by The Three O’Clock
    – scene featuring the dad of Carrie in the bar.
    Veil Like Calm by Eyeless In Gaza
    – the sister of Carrie in the bed in her room

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 4 “Fright Night” s01e04
    Original air date: February 4 2013

    Somebody’s Watching Me by Mackintosh Braun
    – from the beginning of the episode when Carrie doesn’t want to be found by Sebastian.
    Situation (US 12′ Mix) by Yazoo
    – moment from the Halloween Party with Carrie and Walt
    Mind Gardens by The Salvation Army
    Now She’s Gone by The Mighty Lemon Drops
    Impulse by Batrock & Lansky
    Snakes and Ladders by TV21
    It’s Been A Perfect Day by Model Citizens
    Twisted Abduction by Jerry Goldsmith
    This Town Looks Good On You by Citygirl
    Somebody’s Watching Me by Anna Waronker
    – closing scene
    Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell
    – opening song

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 5 “Dangerous Territory” s01e05
    Original air date: February 11 2013

    Overkill by Men At Work
    – when the girls are at the table eating
    Love to Lose Again by Melanie
    Gone Daddy Gone by Violent Femmes
    – scene when Mouse and her boyfriend are in bed.

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 6 “Endgame” s01e06
    Original air date: February 18 2013

    I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King
    – song from the Opening scene when the mother of Carrie has a flashback
    Space Age Love Song by A Flock of Seagulls
    Heartless by The Twisters

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 7 “Caught” s01e07
    Original air date: February 25 2013

    Dreaming by Blondie
    The Height of Her Heels by Transfixion
    Freeze-Frame by The J. Geils Band
    In Love Too by The Three O’Clock
    It’s My Life by Talk Talk

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 8 “Hush Hush” s01e08
    Original air date: March 4 2013

    I Feel the Earth Move by Carole King
    – song from the Opening scene when the mother of Carrie has a flashback
    Space Age Love Song by A Flock of Seagulls
    Heartless by The Twisters

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 9 “The Great Unknown” s01e09
    Original air date: March 11 2013

    Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
    I Never Needed You by The Partisans
    Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
    Brass In Pocket by Pretenders
    No Time by The Partisans

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 10 “The Long and Winding Road Not Taken” s01e10
    Original air date: March 18 2013

    Fly Like the Wind by Used Records
    Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly) [Single Version] by The Icicle Works
    – song from the first scene when the Birthday part for Carrie is being discussed at the dinner
    Happy Birthday by Altered Images
    – last scene of the episode
    Age of Consent by New Order
    – music heard during the Less Than Zero book party.
    Tempted by squeeze
    – the first song that is playing in the tape Carrie received from her sister as Birthday present
    Livin’ In the 80’s by Zero Boys
    Amoeba by Adolescents
    Finders Keepers by Needle Dik ’80 (Columbia University)
    I Need That Record by Tweeds
    Total Insanity by Kind

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 11 “Identity Crisis” s01e11
    Original air date: March 25 2013

    She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer
    – when Carrie is with Bennett at the Interview Office
    Take On Me by a-ha
    – song from the closing scene featuring Carrie and Sebastian sitting at the diner table
    My Sharona by The Knack
    What In Your Whirled by Mutato
    Nordphonics by Mutato
    You You #2 by Mutato
    Paradise Fire by Prophecy

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 12 “A First Time for Everything” s01e12
    Original air date: April 1 2013

    Like a Virgin by Madonna
    Lucky Star by Madonna
    Material Girl by Madonna
    Borderline by Madonna
    Like a Virgin by Fay Wolf
    – music heard in the final scene when Carrie wants to write but she can’t find the words
    Promises, Promises by Naked Eyes
    – scene when Carrie and Sebastian want to infiltrate at the party

    The Carrie Diaries (Season 1) – Episode 13 “Kiss Yesterday Goodbye” s01e13
    Original air date: April 8 2013

    SOX by Partyline
    Suddenly Last Summer by The Motels
    – scene where Miller makes a surprise for Dorrit by preparing a romantic atmosphere for their first night
    I Live For Your Love by Divas And Diamonds
    Cities in Dust by Siouxsie and The Banshees
    – song played while Dorrit and Miller hook up in his bedroom.
    I Don’t Surrender by Thirteenth Tribe
    Missing You by John Waite
    – song from the opening scene
    What Is Love? by Howard Jones
    – Carrie and Larissa have a conversation about love, happiness and relationships at the party for Larissa
    Cruel Summer by Bananarama
    – music playing while Carrie is writing in her diarie and later in the loft of Larissa
    Never Surrender by Corey Hart
    – scene where Sebastian checks it Carrie is alright, but she hides from him
    The Other Side by Active Restraint
    Heaven by Bryan Adams
    – on this song Mouse and West are dancing dance at the diner.


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