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    True Blood Season 5 Soundtrack List (2012)

    True Blood Season 5 Soundtrack List (2012) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 1 “Turn! Turn! Turn!” s05e01
    Original air date: June 10 2012

    Silly Love Songs by Wings & Paul McCartney
    – scene when Eric, Hayes, Nora and Bill are in the trunk
    You’re So Mean by Biff Scarborough
    – song played when Andy and Talks are judging Clements
    The Soul Train’s A Comin’ by Eblueshighway
    – the conversation between Jason and Hoyt
    MDV-Serenade by Blee
    – music played while Jason enters the house and finds Jessica and the Frat kids partying
    Devil In Me by Ken Will Morton & the Wholly Ghosts
    – song heard at the place of Merlotte
    Cherry Bomb (Guitar Hero Version) by The Runaways
    – music played while Jason and Cammy are debating about going to thir home or going out
    Feels Like the First Time by Foreigner
    – scene where Jason, Jessica, Cammy and Zander are playing Guitar Hero
    Turn Turn Turn by My Morning Jacket
    – song played in the credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 2 “Authority Always Wins” s05e02
    Original air date: June 17 2012

    Short Cut Down a Long Road by Big Band Johns
    – discussion between Jason and Andy in the squad car
    Coming for You by Grant Langston
    – when Terry starts a grease fire in the kitchen
    Hang It Up by The Ting Tings
    – when the party of Jessica is crashed by Rev Newlin
    The Authority Song by Bosco Del Ray
    – song played in the credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 3 “Whatever I Am, You Made Me” s05e03
    Original air date: June 24 2012

    Blood for Poppies by Garbage
    – music heard while Sookie is visiting Pam
    Run Like Hell by Cydney Robinson
    – song played when Sam and Sookie have a conversation
    Piece of Heaven by Susie Boehm
    – music playing while Jessica and Jason talk their relationship
    Mopus Dopus by Chili Karonkas & The Infidels
    – when Andy is qustioning Sookie
    I’m With You by We Are Leo
    – when Jessica is talking about Jason with the sales-person
    Transistor Mon by Mark Slade
    – scene when Hoyt reaches the Fangtasia
    Get Lucky by Troubadour Kings
    – song played at the place of Merlotte in the kitchen
    Lonely by Shaela Miller Threesome
    – music heard while Lafayette is spelling the car of Sookie
    Whatever I Am, You Made Me by Koko Taylor
    – song played in the credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 4 “We’ll Meet Again” s05e04
    Original air date: July 1 2012

    Let’s Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight by DidiPop
    Rescue by Echo & The Bunnymen
    Undertow by Warpaint
    Boot & Rally by Iggy Pop with Bethany Cosentino
    – song played in the credits
    Escape (The Pina Colada Song) by Rupert Holmes
    – music played while Sookie is having a drink while she sits on her couch
    Whine, Whine, Whine by Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps
    – when Alcide arrives at the Merlotte’s
    Pocket Change by Alabama Shakes
    – scene where Sam is visited by Emory and Suzanne
    Lines On the Road by Kristin Diable
    – song played at the radio station in the car of Sookie
    Move On Down the Road by Sugaray
    – song played in the truck of Hoyt
    Bring It On by Slur-P
    – scene where Terry remembers a moment from the war
    Sleep Isabella by Abney Park
    – music playing in the Faerie Club
    The Bar I Call Home by Big Bad Johns
    – song played when Sookie and Alcide get drunk together
    We’ll Meet Again by Los Lobos
    – music playing in the end credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 5 “Let’s Boot and Rally” s05e05
    Original air date: July 8 2012

    Let’s Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight by DidiPop
    – when Jason remembers a moment spent with his family on Christmas
    Rescue by Echo & The Bunnymen
    – Tara is visited by Jessica at Fagtasia
    Undertow by Warpaint
    – when Tara is smoking outside the bar and sees Hoyt when he wants to walk into the club
    Let’s Boot and Rally (with Bethany Cosentino) by Iggy Pop
    – song from the end credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 6 “Hopeless” s05e06
    Original air date: July 15 2012

    Broken Bodies by Acumen Nation
    – song played when the girls have a fight at Fangtasia
    Partners in Crime by Doozy
    – music playing when Terry panics out in the truck and Patrick is following him
    Say Goodnight by Five Z
    – scene where Arlene, Sookie and Holly have a conversation about men
    Slow Movin’ Man by The Chillun
    – Spookie finds out that the parents of Jason were murdered by vampires
    Gaz hilarant by The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    – JD is confronted by Alcide at the Wolves
    Reaching for Salvation by Sugaray
    – when Arlene finds out that Terry was cursed
    Aberdeen by Orb Mellon
    – song played when Terry tells Arlene he must leave or the children will be in danger
    I Got It (What U Need) by Galactic
    – Sookie is brought by Jason to Hot Wings
    Atom Smashing by Acurack
    Atom Smashing by Acucrack
    – when Hoyt is feeding near Fangtasia and the vampire hunters appear
    Hopeless by Percy Mayfield
    – song played in the final scene
    Bitch by Plastiscines
    – the fight between Jessica and Tara at Fangtasia.

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 7 “In The Beginning” s05e07
    Original air date: July 22 2012

    I Can’t Help Falling In Love by Willie Aron and Joey Peters
    – scene where Arlene is looking at the wedding video
    Nobody Nowhere by The Jezabels
    – when the mother of Tara enters Fangtasia
    In the Beginning by K’naan
    – song from the credits
    You Light Up My Life by Williw Aron and Joey Peters
    – song played by the bride and when Russell Edgington shows up

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 8 “Somebody That I Used to Know” s05e08
    Original air date: July 29 2012

    Beneath Contempt by Flesh Field
    – when Jessica gets a proposal at Fangtasia
    Smokestack Lightnin’ by Howlin’ Wolf
    – when Alcide and Rikki share a private moment
    Die Slow by HEALTH
    – scene where Tara and an enemy of hers from the high school have a confrontation at Fangtasia
    Electronica Black by Danny McCarthy
    – conversation between Pam and Tara about the attitude of Tara
    Somebody That I Used to Know by Elliott Smith
    – song from the credits

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 9 “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” s05e09
    Original air date: August 5 2012

    Aint life hell by Willie Nelson
    – scene where Bud is questioned by Sookie
    Fake Blood by Pezzner
    – when Tara meets a friend from her past at Fangtasia
    First One in the Car by The Wallflowers
    – when Alcide remembers a conversation he had with someone about a pack
    Miss McCloud’s Reel by APM Music Library
    – scene from the square dance when Sweetie  rememebers an event
    Square Dance by APM Music Library
    – song played while the Sheriff and the other members of the team are looking for Bud
    Acrobatica by Losers
    – Pam and the new sheriff of the Area 5 have a verbal confrontation
    Walk to Georgia by Grant Langston
    – song heard in the truck of Alcide
    Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Care Bears On Fire
    – scene where Eric is being arrested

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 10 “Gone, Gone, Gone” s05e10
    Original air date: August 12 2012

    Teenage Dream by Katy Perry
    – song played at the frat when Russel and Newlin are dancing
    Bread and Water by Caroline Horn
    – when Hoyt and his mom have a conversation about the role in the house that he will have
    Gone, Gone, Gone by Carl Perkins
    – song played when Jessica, Jason and Hoyt have a rendezvous at Merlotte’s
    Supertripper (Original Mix) by Circuit Freq
    – conversation between Tara and Pam talk about turning more vampires
    Growing Up Too Slow by The Quick Hellos
    – when Sam makes preparation to hunt Newlin and Emma
    Need a Little Help by Cree Rider
    – scene where Andy and Holly have dinner at Merlotte’s
    Heavens to Murgatroid by Acumen Nation
    – song played while there is an ambush in the back room of Fangtasia
    You Know, I Know by John Lee Hooker
    – credits song

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 11 “Sunset” s05e11
    Original air date: August 19 2012

    Introitus Requiem by Crucial Music Corporation
    – song played while Eric and Nora  are taking off
    Cars, Bars and Guitars by The Go-Getters
    – music heard while Andy enters Merlotte’s
    Little Girl Wandered Off by Derrick Stout
    – song played in the truck of Alcide
    Rodeo Queen by Gayle Lynn and the Hired Hands
    – love talk between Andy, Terry and Arlene at Merlotte’s
    Not Another Song About California by Grant Langston
    – when Andy and Morella have a private discussion at Merlotte’s
    Like Lava by Eros & Evans
    – song played later at Fangtasia
    What Makes A Good Man? (Original Version) by The Heavy
    – when Pam is being arrested for crime by the authority
    Sunset by Stevie Wonder
    – credits song
    Speak In Silence by Hannah Cartwright & Ross Tones
    – the conversation of Pam and Jessica at Fangtasia

    True Blood (Season 5) – Episode 12 “Save Yourself” s05e12
    Original air date: August 26 2012

    Save Yourself by Stabbing Westward
    – credits song
    Dazz by Brick
    – music playing when Lafayette is mixing some cocktails


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