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Tame Impala - Expectation Lyrics

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Tame Impala – Expectation Lyrics

Said the voice from afar:
Everything you ever told me
could have been a lie, we
may never have been in love.
Stuck on thinking that there is
always something to lose,
or a hit from above.

I don’t need what I’m holding
onto to. I wish I knew.

But meanwhile

Fluctuations are aching my
soul, Expectation is taking its
toll. Fluctuations are aching
my soul’cause everything you
ever told me could have been
a lie we may never have
been in love.

And then I will escape, I’ll
never ever have to see another
disappointed face, no one to
please. Every now and then,
it feels like, in all of the uni-
verse, there is nobody for me.

I told myself I wouldn’t care,
no I wouldn’t care.
But when she said she’d come
round I combed my hair,
yes I checked my hair.

Fluctuations are aching
my soul,Expectation is
taking its toll.

[Tame Impala – Expectation Lyrics]

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