90210 Season 5 Soundtrack List (2012)

90210 Season 5 Soundtrack List (2012) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs. 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 1 “Til Death Do Us Part” so5eo1
Original air date: October 8 2012 This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen
– song played in Las Vegas by Carly Rae Jepsen
Circles Around the Sun by Dispatch
Angels by The XX
– when Dixon is visited at hospital by Adrianna
Cherokee by Cat Power
– song played when Liam’s bar catches fire
Shadows by Au Revoir Simone
– song played when Liam speaks on the phone with the insurance company and Vanessa hears him(40:17 timestamp)
Good Time by Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
Earthquake (feat. Tinie Tempah) by Labrinth
All Mine by Little Red
California by Tamar Kaprelian
Until We Get There by Lucius
About Us by Crazy Love
– when Taylor make out with Adrianna.
The Bottom Line by The Sudden Passion 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 2 “The Sea Change” so5eo2
Original air date: October 15 2012 All Night Longer by Sammy Adams
– song played when Liam is introduced to the Colton Brothers by Naomi in order to get them to collaborate with Max’s company
Coffee Table by Lemaitre
– song played when Adrianna is reassured by Dixon that he will be fine
I Don’t Wanna Wake Up by Ivy Levan
– when Liam understand that he must live together with Vanessa as a part of their arrangement
Only One by Sammy Adams
– song played when Taylor is slapped by Adrianna
Ruin by Cat Power
– song played as Liam and Vanessa argue and she falls into the ocean by accident
The Walk by Mayer Hawthorne
– Naomi is the target of Max’s accid remarks because of her luggage lack
We Run the Night (feat. Pitbull) by Havana Brown
– song played as Silver invites Liam to take part to the reception 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 3 “It’s All Fun and Games” so5eo3
Original air date: October 22 2012 Little Numbers by BOY
– song played as the girls prepare for the party
Moonlight Mile by The Babies
– when Alec and Naomi are on the boardwalk
Caught Between by The Thirstbusters
– Riley founds from Dixon about the breakthrough of his therapy
Underwater by Joshua Radin
– song played as Dixon tries to hit on the girls who are on the beach
Sun Trails by Craft Spells
– song played when Silver is present at the photo session
Rabbit Song by Boy & Bear
– song played as Alec looks at the photos he took with Naomi
All About the Girls by The Thirstbusters
Follow Me by Kid Shimmy
Mtn Tune by Trails and Ways
– as Riley is confronted by Annie, while Liam and Dixon go surfing.
Some Love by Marsal Ventura
Story by Royal Teeth 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 4 “Into The Wild” so5eo4
Original air date: November 5 2012 Johnny Got a Boom Boom by Imelda May
– song played as Silver register for stage dancing
Let’s Be Honest by Bearcat
– while the girls are noticed about the photo problems of Silver
Miss Me by Tristan Wilds
– while Dixon works with Taylor, Adrianna comes in
Pogo by Dune Rats
– song played as the camp side is prepared by the guys
Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes
– when Silver has the rehearsal of the dress
Summer in the City by Freedom Fry
– the girls are told by Naomi about her plans
Sun Finds Us by The Red Lights
– song played as Prof. Beckwith has a conversation with Liam
X-Rated by Kate Alexa
– when the girls take lessons for pole-dancing 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 5 “Hate 2 Love” so5eo5
Original air date: November 12 2012 3 AM by Evan Frankfort
Alive by Dub Pistols ft. Red Star Lion
Eye On It by tobyMac
Let It Live Free by He’s My Brother She’s My Sister
Make Him Pay by JD Samson & Men
Make It Rain by Sister Sparrow & The Dirty Birds
Miss Me by Tristan Wilds
Parking Lot by Nelly Furtado
– song played as the party takes place
Time to Realize by Lemaitre
Turn Up the Love (feat. Cover Drive) by Far East Movement
Without Warning by The Pass
October Trees by Ron Pope
– song from the end of the episode 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 6 “The Con” so5eo6
Original air date: November 19 2012 Like You Do by Jay Stolar
– song played when Lindsey and Liam hook up, but decide not to tell about their relationship
Where It Hurts by Lonely Estates
– while Liam is confessed by Lindsey that she saw his movie
Untie My Shoelaces by Sister Sparrow and the Dirty Birds
– while Taylor kisses Adrianna in hir doorway
Under the Sun (Ibiza 2012 Edit) [Carl Hanaghan Remix] by Cult 45
– song played as the masquerade planned by Naomi is found out by Max
Pack Lite by Harlan
– as Taylor recieves an ultimatum from Adrianna
October Trees by Ron Pope
– song played while Naomi is choosen over Alec by Max
Miss Me by Tristan Wilds
– song played as Adrianna sees a part of the performance video of Dixon
I Love You the Worst by Kid Infinity
– song played as the new clip is introduced
Come Together (feat. Suspence) by Spaceman
– song played as Liam si rescued from a fanatic person
Broke Up the Family by The Milk
– song played as Silver and Annie have a talk about guys
Amour Than Amis by Two Hours Traffic
– song played as Annie recieves apologies from Colin
Under the Sun (Original Mix) by Cult 45 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 7 “99 Problems” so5eo7
Original air date: November 26 2012 Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) by Ne-Yo
– when the Hollywood Bowl takes place
Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes
– song played as Adrianna performs on stage
Let’s Go (feat. Ne-Yo) by Calvin Harris
– song played as Bryce is told by Naomi to accept a job at the company of Max
I Could Be by Kyla La Grange
– song played as Ashley gets a tattoo of the face of Liam on her back
This Day by Nushu
– song played in the beginning as Adrianna enters the house
This Cruel Town by Matt Keating
Summer’s Over by Jon Robert
Listen Don’t Speak by Heathers
Life by Sherlock Tones
Forget Me Knots by Heathers
Falling Away by Big Scary 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 8 “902-100” so5eo8
Original air date: December 3 2012 Trojans by Atlas Genius
Fast Car by Taio Cruz
Baby Caught the Bus by Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes
World Party (Flip It) by DJ Tory Tee ft Vanessa Bryan
Boo Hoo Hoo by No Sinner
– song played as Silver does a burlesque dance
Midnight Midnight by The Potbelleez
I Don’t Wanna Dance (Bottai Remix) by Alex Gaudino
– song played as Liam recieves a script from Jasper and Naomi collaborates with Reese Tuner
Save Face by Smoke & Jackal
Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes
Rock Baby Red by Aitan
Love Is Strange by The Gravitons
Body Rock by Bestfriends 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 9 “The Things We Do For Love” so5eo9
Original air date: December 10 2012 What Child Is This by Denny Jiaosa
– when Bryce and Navid have a drink
So Strange by Pacific Air
– as Silver and Shane talk about Teddy’s role in the life of the baby
O Holy Night by Josh Ricchio
– while Bryce and Navid have a conversation
Heavy Is As Heavy Does by Menomena
– song played as Vanessa and Annie look for Liam who is tied up
Heartbeat by Kopecky Family Band
– song played as Navid finds out from Adrianna about her music
Happy Holidays To You by Roz Bell
– when Annies speaks about her plan of going to Scotland
Gold by Billy Pace
– Teddy and Silver have a conversation about her baby
Christmastime by James Combs
– as Megas receives an invitation to the party of Dixon
Closer by Tegan and Sara
– song played when Dixon receives a present from Adrianna
Now I’m All Messed Up by Tegan and Sara
– when Annie is told by Dixon that he doesn’t need the crutches 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 10 “Misery Loves Company” so5e10
Original air date: January 21 2013 Holding a Heart by Girl Named Toby
– song played as Annie is shot
I Don’t Want You Anymore by Jessica Lowndes
– when Ade teach people how to dance  to her song
Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora
– song played as the performance of Ora is shown
R.I.P. (feat. Tinie Tempah) by Rita Ora
Turn It Down by Sideway Runners
Spit On My Liver by White Demons
Set Ourselves Free by Uncle Lucius
Puzzle of Love by Quincy Blacque Trio
Purple by California Wives
Paint by The Paper Kites
– song played as Dixon offers Megan explanations about his behaviour
Make Me Baby by Jimmy From Detroit
– when Silver does a medical check up 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 11 “We’re Not Not in Kansas Anymore” so5e11
Original air date: January 28 2013 Destroying Me by Vinnie Ferra
– song played as Naomi visits the house of Max’s parents
Obey the DJ by Jonathan Bluth
Free Ride by Tristan Wilds
Justine by Julia Stone
– song played as Annie is in OR chamber
Something for You by Sarabeth Tucek
– song played as everyone is on the beach
We Go Go by The Dirtbags
Watch You (feat. Pitbull, Disco Fries) by Clinton Sparks
The Feeling by The Knocks
State I Am In by Sarabeth Tucek
One Touch Too Little by Lara Doraiswami
My Ride by Mingo
Love The Sinner, Hate The Sin by Elephant Stone
Here’s To Feeling Free by Nushu
Duck Duck Goose by Dude Royal
– when Max is seen by Naomi 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 12 “Here Comes Honey Bye Bye” so5e12
Original air date: February 4 2013 Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It by Stars
– song played as Max and Naomi are in therapy
Please Be Kind by The Tins
You Are My Planet by Quiet Arrows
– the ending song
We’ll Pull Through by The Jolly Folks
The District Sleeps Alone Tonight by Birdy
when Riley confesses to Annie that he loves her and they kiss
Snake Charmer by Jessica Lowndes
One More by Joshua Radin
– song played as Annie is noticed about Riley’s death
I Know What I Want by Irya’s Playground
Hearts Like Us by Sam Sparro
Can’t Hold Us (feat. Ray Dalton) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
– song played as Liam fights in the gym 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 13 “#realness” so5e13
Original air date: February 11 2013 Now by Matt & Kim
Through The Deep, Dark Wood by The Veils
Baby You’re Better by Spring Break
Major Minus by Coldplay
– episode ending song
Monarch by Nervous Cloud
Last One Standing by Purple Sneakers DJs
Addict by Adventure Galley
Second Look by The Soft Pack
Get Juiced by The High Decibels
I Don’t Want You Anymore by Jessica Lowndes
Steam by Deep Sea Arcade 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 14 “Brother from Another Mother” so5e14
Original air date: February 18 2013 The Enemy by Kita Klane
Bad Bad Girl by The Thirstbusters
Driven Back by Jesse And Noah
It’s Time by Imagine Dragons
– song played as Naomi reaches the Food Truck Competition
Good Times by Matt Costa
Girls Want Rock by Free Energy
Pull You In by Evan Frankfort
Ride by Kiss the Girl
Ready To Go by Jessica Lowndes
High School by Go West Young Man
Get Out Of My Way by Scarlett Drive
The Drug by Kids of 88 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 15 “Strange Brew” so5e15
Original air date: February 25 2013 Don’t Go Alone by Cruiser
Lows and Highs by Moros Eros
Let Go by The Brevet
– when Dixon and Liam are on the beach
Can’t Take My Love by Sara Jackson-Holman
– song played at the beginning when Annie thinks about Liam
Champion by The Chevin
The Valley by The Oh Hello’s
Let’s Get Outta Here by Kevin and The Octaves
In the Mood by Syndakit
Dance All Night by Free Energy
Cast Away by Strange Talk
Alone Again by The Pass
Fr(I)Ends by Dune Rats 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 16 “Life’s a Beach” so5e16
Original air date: March 4 2013 Under by Crooked Hands
– episode ending song
Woman by Victory
If So by Atlas Genius
– episode beginning song
Carried Away by Passion Pit
Bloodshake by Peace
Alligator by The Babies
Everyone’s Fightin’ the Same Damn Fight by The Lovemakers
Youngblood by 3OH!3
Ocean’s Eye by Peace
Lows and Highs by Moros Eros
Cast Away by Strange Talk 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 17 “Dude, Where’s My Husband?” so5e17
Original air date: March 11 2013 Greatest by Blood Red Boots
Scream & Shout (feat. Britney Spears) by will.i.am
– song played as Naomi, Adrianna, Silver and Annie go out
Change by Churchill
– as Adrianna, Silver and Naomi have a conversation
Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr.
– song played as Naomi wakes up near the pool side with no previous memory about the night before
Railroad Track by Willy Moon
– song played as Liam walks on the railing of the building
Play It by Victory
– while Dixon and Mark have a drink together
Do What You Want by Cheerleader
Do My Thing by Hot Knives
Nails for Breakfast by NagNagNag
Hate the Sun by Feersum Ennjin
I Think I Love You Today by Baby James 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 18 “A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Call Girl” so5e18
Original air date: April 15 2013 Everything by Ron Pope
– while Liam gets mad on Annie for his appearance in her book.
Another Place by Taxi Doll
Moving Pictures by Taxi Doll
Memory Leak by Ether Teeth
– song from the beginning of the episode
Inner Ninja (feat. David Myles) by Classified
Ghost by Sir Sly
– as Silver is told to move on by Mark, while Naomi confess to Jordan about her behaviour
Lost by Blood Red Boots
Long Lost by Classixx
Bad Man by Victory
A Fax From The Beach by Classixx
Sapphire by Instant People 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 19 “The Empire State Strikes Back” so5e19
Original air date: April 22 2013 Dark Doo Wop by Ms Mr
– ending song
Waves of Loneliness by Jon Bellion
– while Adrianna and Navid are in bed together and Liam is at the door
Troublemaker (feat. Flo Rida) by Olly Murs
– as the performance of Olly Murs take place
Right Place Right Time by Olly Murs
– song played at the appearance of Olly Murs
Love to Get Used by Matt Pond
Panchito Blues II by PEACH KELLI POP
– song played as Silver and Mark meet in the restaurant and plan a trip
Live In This City by Dragonette
– Silver, Annie and Naomi meet Mark in New York
In the City by Caveman
– song played as Annie, Silver and Mark leave the hotel
The Last Time by Lyndon Smith
– when Silver and Dixon hear Michaela’s song
Block After Block by Matt & Kim
– when Navid and Liam are excited about Cassie 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 20 “You Can’t Win Em All” so5e20
Original air date: April 29 2013 When It’s Over by Wild Belle
– song from the beginning of the episode
Old Friend by Sea Wolf
– song played as Mark is opening a champagne bottle and Naomi walks in
I Have Made Mistakes by The Oh Hello’s
– Silver and Dixon noticed that Michaela left
Go Slow by Haim
– song played as Jordan is in bed with Naomi
Hunger by Rhye 90210 (Season 5) – Episode 21 “Scandal Royale” so5e21
Original air date: May 6 2013 Louder (Put Your Hands Up) [Original Mix] by Chris Willis
My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy singing at concert
The Last Time by Jessica Lowndes
Ade singing


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