CSI Season 14 Soundtrack List (2013)

CSI Season 14 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs. CSI (Season 14) – Episode 1 “The Devil and D.B. Russell” s14e01
Original air date: September 25 2013 “This episode needs your help to add the songs” CSI (Season 14) – Episode 2 “Take the Money and Run” s14e02
Original air date: October 2 2013 Heaven by RJD2
Opening scene
In My Zone by Shane Eli
Motorcyclist is stunned
Nomar Amount by mount cyanide
Henry analyzes yellow tint CSI (Season 14) – Episode 3 “Torch Song” s14e03
Original air date: October 9 2013 Radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Around min 25 when they test the arc theory
The Hunter by K. Inglis / P. McLinden
Sarah checks the tattoos
For the Rest of My Life by Gary Numan CSI (Season 14) – Episode 4 “Last Supper” s14e04
Original air date: October 16 2013 Your Drums, Your Love (Deebs Remix) by AlunaGeorge
Processing scene
Dark Horizon by Valentine
Empty reality cooking show kitchen is analyzed CSI (Season 14) – Episode 5 “Frame by Frame” s14e05
Original air date: October 23 2013 “Blackout Days” by Phantogram
Hodges restores the film of Darcy
Science / Visions by Chvrches
Greg searches the preservation room for the flashlight
Bargain by The Who
End Scene CSI (Season 14) – Episode 6 “Passed Pawns” s14e06
Original air date: October 30 2013 Dear Father by Black Sabbath
Brass visits Delgodo’s Strip club the first time
Query by Rene LaVice
Who Do You Love? by George Thorogood & The Destroyers
beginning of episode when blackjack is being played CSI (Season 14) – Episode 7 “Under a Cloud” s14e07
Original air date: November 6 2013 “This episode needs your help to add the songs” CSI (Season 14) – Episode 8 “Helpless” s14e08
Original air date: November 13 2013 Pilot in the Sky by Hacienda CSI (Season 14) – Episode 9 “Check In and Check Out” s14e09
Original air date: November 20 2013 “This episode needs your help to add the songs” CSI (Season 14) – Episode 10 “Girls Gone Wild” s14e10
Original air date: November 27 2013 Human Being by Cat Power
When Brody is processing Finn in the hospital
Bad Reputation by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
When Finn, Morgan and Sara were driving
Piece of My Heart by Janis Joplin
The song Morgan sang during karaoke night CSI (Season 14) – Episode 11 “The Lost Reindeer” s14e11
Original air date: December 11 2013 Don’t Believe In Christmas by The Tabaltix CSI (Season 14) – Episode 12 “Keep Calm and Carry On” s14e12
Original air date: January 15 2014 Take It Back by Norah Jones
16:53-18:29 Body is being processed
The Dawn by Finishing Move
An RFID chip from a fake ID is processed in the lab CSI (Season 14) – Episode 13 “Boston Brakes” s14e13
Original air date: January 22 2014 Hustle and Cuss by The Dead Weather
Nick and Greg enter house and find ‘coffee guy’.
Find My Way by Nine Inch Nails
A Trick With No Sleeve by Alain Johannes, Dave Grohl & Joshua Homme CSI (Season 14) – Episode 14 “De Los Muertos” s14e14
Original air date: February 5 2014 “This episode needs your help to add the songs”

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