From Paris With Love Soundtracks List - Tracklist

From Paris With Love Movie (2010) Soundtracks  List – Tracklist – OST – Original Music from the Motion Picture

  1. Madeleine Peyroux – J’Ai Deux Amours
  2. Vaux – Are You With Me
  3. David Buckley – Parking Lot
  4. David Buckley – The Ring
  5. David Buckley – Blood On The Stairs
  6. David Buckley – Chinese Dessert
  7. David Buckley – Official Business
  8. David Buckley – It’s Raining Men
  9. David Buckley – Level 2 Mandarin
  10. David Buckley – Wax’s Waltz
  11. David Buckley – Room with a View
  12. David Buckley – Parisian Sh*thole
  13. David Buckley – Eye in the Sky
  14. David Buckley – The Scenic Route
  15. David Buckley – And Then There Were None
  16. David Buckley – Mirror of the Soul
  17. David Buckley – Can We Go Home?
  18. David Buckley – Trigger Unhappy
  19. David Buckley – Rose
  20. David Buckley – Let Me Help You
  21. David Buckley – Welcome to Paris, Baby
  22. David Buckley – Carolina
  23. Matt Monro (orig. The Carpenters) – They Long to Be / Close to You
  24. Terry Devine-King – Night City
  25. Kenny Gamble, Cary Gilbert and Leon Huff – Me and Mrs Jones
  26. Imade Saputra – Spring Roll
  27. Augustin O Assignies – From Paris to China
  28. Sarah Riani and Track Invaders – Another Day
  29. Toni Sola and Ignasi Terraza Trio – Night Sounds Blues
  30. Bruno Bertoli – Opera Buffa
  31. Hugo Ripoll and Loic Pontieux – Jump in the Air
  32. Laurent Lombard – Jumpstyle
  33. Djamal Aladin – Bint El Nass
  34. Chris Whiteley – Moving Slow
  35. Terry Day (orig.Petula Clark) – C’est Ma Chanson
  36. Franz Joseph Haydn – Symphonie No 94, Finale
  37. David Savcic (orig.Potsch Potschka) – Fiesta Sevillana
  38. Paul Pritchard – Direct News
  39. Michael Boumendil and Stephane Horeczko – Magie D’Aeroports
  40. Dan Morrissey – Blowback
  41. Karl Lundeberg (orig. Ottmar Liebert) – Turkish Nights

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