Graceland Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013)

Graceland Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs. Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
Original air date: June 6 2013 Welcome Home by Radical Face
– song played while we see the scene where Mike was saved by Briggs
As Lies Go…This One Is Beautiful by Matt Pryor
– music heard when Mike is at the airport, waiting
Forever Wherever by Andrew Jed
– music playing in the scene where Mike and Charlie have a conversation under the pier and after that, Mike goes to surf
Deep Down (Album Mix) by Josh Gabriel & Winter Kills
All of a Sudden by Telekinesis
– scene where Briggs, Johnny and Mike catch waves while they go surffing
West Coast Blues by Ernest Lewis
Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao
– music playing when Johnny is picking up Mike at the airport
radioactive by Imagine Dragons
Holding On by Ian Franzino Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 2 “Guadalajara Dog” s01e02
Original air date: June 13 2013 California Sunset by Poolside
– scene featuring Mike who wakes up and goes jogging
Slipping Away by Barcelona
– ending scene Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 3 “Heat Run” s01e03
Original air date: June 20 2013 Slipping Away by Barcelona
– when Mike is using his laptop for making a research on the credit card of  Briggs Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 4 “Pizza Box” s01e04
Original air date: June 27 2013 Trouble Town by Jake Bugg
– song played when Paige and Dale are saving Johnny from the crazy chick
Carrying the Torch by Generationals
– DJ and Johnny are going to the farm Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 5 “O-Mouth” s01e05
Original air date: July 11 2013 Shoutalong by Man & Ghost
– when Paige, Johnny and Mike are playing on the beach
Holding On by Ian Franzino
– song played in the last scene featuring Whistler
Holding On (Original Mix) by Ian Franzino
Heart Attack by Demi Lovato
Break My Heart by Sara Jackson-Holman
– Briggs and Charlie talk about past Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 6 “Hair of the Dog” s01e06
Original air date: July 18 2013 Back to the beginning by Shane Burke
MoneyGrabber by Fitz & The Tantrums
– song played in the bar, when Mike and Paige talk about the relationship with Aby Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 7 “Goodbye High” s01e07
Original air date: July 25 2013 Window Sill by Pickwick
– when Briggs is becoming addicted to drugs
Bring My Heart Out by Arthur Alligood
– song played when Jhonny and Charlie are discussing in the first scene
Back to the beginning by Shane Burke
– the scene after the moment when they were all at the Drop Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 8 “Bag Man” s01e08
Original air date: August 8 2013 Ahead by Messy Shelters Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 9 “Smoke Alarm” s01e09
Original air date: August 15 2013 Raise It Up by Distant Cousins
– when Mike is going to jog
Lose ‘Em In The Light by White Phosphorus
– Mike is driving the car Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 10 “King’s Castle” s01e10
Original air date: August 22 2013 All by The Howls
– Briggs is surfing
Out of Bad Luck by Magic Sam
– Dale and Derek are at the bar, chatting Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 11 “Happy Endings” s01e11
Original air date: September 5 2013 My Heart Would Know by Gossling
– song from the opening scene
Heart Killer by Gossling
– when Briggs is waking up
Violence by Carrollhood
– when Briggs is going out
Faust by Secret Colours
– song played while Charlie and Jangles are dressing up Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 12 “Pawn” s01e12
Original air date: September 12 2013 Hate Street Dialogue by Sixto Rodriguez
Devil’s Son Blues by Beans & Fatback
Too Late by Permanent Collection
– bonfire scene Graceland (Season 1) – Episode 13 “Episode..” s01e13
Original air date: August 29 2013 Heart Killer by Gossling
– opening song
Violence by Carrollhood
Devil’s Son Blues by Beans & Fatback
– when Charlie and Briggs are tortured
Hate Street Dialogue by Rodriguez
– when Briggs goes to the cemetery


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