Hamdan Al Abri - Falling Soundtrack Lyrics

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Hamdan Al Abri – Falling Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Ringer: Season 1” TV (2011) ] I’m thinking about everything
Feels just like a dream
I can no longer see myself , am I changing?
I’m losing my sense of being
Is this how it’s supposed to be?
Have we come to the end?
Are we over?
What I can’t understand is why are we on this land?
And what’s the purpose of being, being human? Chorus x 2
Mama, the world makes no sense
Feels like I’m falling down I channel all of the past
All the good shit and the bad
But all I find are more questions than answers.
Now I’m feeling kind of weary
As I watch the time disappear
And it feels like I’m going to lose, lose my mind.
But What I can’t comprehend with all the chances that we had
What are we leaving for the future generations? Are they done for?
Chorus x 4
Mama the world makes no sense
Feels like I’m falling down [Hamdan Al Abri – Falling Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Ringer: Season 1 TV (2011)
Name"Ringer: Season 1" TV (2011)

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Hamdan Al Abri - Falling Soundtrack Lyrics

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