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Hop Cartoon (2011) Soundtracks  List – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to Original Score and full soundtrack songs, film score list, the playlist of all of the songs played in the movie, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions. Original Release Date: April 8, 2011
Release Date: April 8, 2011
Label: Atlantic Records Below you can view the complete Hop score list, album tracklist:
Original music composed by Christopher Lennertz
  1. Christopher Lennertz – Prologue / Easter Island
  2. Christopher Lennertz – Candy Factory
  3. Christopher Lennertz – Young Fred Gets a Visit
  4. Christopher Lennertz – O’Hare’s Intervention
  5. Christopher Lennertz – Don’t Want To Be The Easter Bunny
  6. Christopher Lennertz – The Accident
  7. Christopher Lennertz – Lament
  8. Christopher Lennertz – In The Garage
  9. Christopher Lennertz – Carlos Reports
  10. Christopher Lennertz – Summon The Pink Berets
  11. Christopher Lennertz – Pooping Jellybeans
  12. Christopher Lennertz – Fred Remembers
  13. Christopher Lennertz – Late For Interview
  14. Christopher Lennertz – EB Escapes
  15. Christopher Lennertz – Fred’s Tour
  16. Christopher Lennertz – Got The Blues
  17. Christopher Lennertz – Dad Misses His Son
  18. Christopher Lennertz – Back To The Mansion
  19. Christopher Lennertz – Sam’s Visit
  20. Christopher Lennertz – The Hoff
  21. Christopher Lennertz – Fathers Just Don’t Get It
  22. Christopher Lennertz – Fred’s Realization
  23. Christopher Lennertz – Be The Bunny
  24. Christopher Lennertz – Pink Berets Take Fred
  25. Christopher Lennertz – Back To Easter Island
  26. Christopher Lennertz – Coup De Tat
  27. Christopher Lennertz – Oh, The Guilt
  28. Christopher Lennertz – Easter Moon Rises
  29. Christopher Lennertz – Carlos Takes Control
  30. Christopher Lennertz – Transformation
  31. Christopher Lennertz – Air Traffic Control
  32. Christopher Lennertz – Reunion / Proclamation
  33. Christopher Lennertz – Brunch
  34. Christopher Lennertz – The Big Finale
  35. Christopher Lennertz – The Pink Berets
Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.
1. Cody Simpson – I Want Candy
2. K.C. And The Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes
3. Good Charlotte – The Anthem
4. Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn
5. The Trammps – Disco Inferno
6. Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff
7. Hole – Celebrity Skin
8. Blind Boys of Alabama – Higher Ground
9. The Coasters – Hongry
10. Cee Money & Dee Fresh – Them Girlz
11. Brook Benton – Peg O’ My Heart
12. Taio Cruz – Dynamite
13. Gene Autry – Peter Cottontail
14. Yolanda Be Cool & DCup – We No Speak Americano
15. Rae – The 305 Hop Film Information: Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release date in USA: Director: Tim Hill
Writers: Cinco Paul (screenplay), Ken Daurio (screenplay)
Stars: Russell Brand, James Marsden, Elizabeth Perkins
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The scene descriptions are also available for each song, in the list, if you click on the icon.
Scene descriptions. The songs are in the order of apperance:

1. I Want Candy - Cody Simpson

Fred and EB sing it at Fred's sister's Easter Play.
End Credits - first song.
[1h 00′; 1h 29′]

2. Boogie Shoes - Harry Wayne Casey, Richard Raymond Finch

Plays in Phil's headphones as Carlos yells at him to ease on the marsh and put more mellow on the easter candies.

3. The Anthem - Good Charlotte

Plays right after Fred's family have intervention statements, telling him to move out, get a job and a life. EB sings it at his drums.

4. Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Poison

Sad and homeless EB wonders through Hollywood.

5. Disco Inferno - The Trammps

Plays as Carlos tells Phil to paint the eggs faster, while strugling to convince the Easter Bunny to let him take over Easter in EB's absence.

6. Mr Big Stuff - Jean Knight

In the morning, Fred getting ready for his job interview. The dogs attack him.

7. Celebrity Skin - Hole

After having been attacked, Fred goes back into the house only to notice EB's mess and him playing this song on the drums.

8. Higher Ground - Blind Boys of Alabama

The Blind Boys from Alabama sings this song attracting EB inside. He gets inside and sings this song with them.

9. Hongry - The Coasters

Plays in background at the diner Fred and EB go to eat as Fred looks through the job ads in the paper.

10. Them Girlz - Cee Money & Dee Fresh

First audition at the Hoff. (dude dancing)

11. Dynamite - Taio Cruz

EB auditions for the Hoff.

12. We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool & DCup

EB trains Fred for the Easter Bunny. At the same time, Carlos trains for the same job back at the Easter Island.
[1h 06′]

13. The 305 - Rae

Plays shortly as Hoff's car comes to pick up EB.
[1h 10′]

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