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Slayer – Spill The Blood Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Jackass Number Two” Movie (2006) ]  Come walk with me through endless time.
See what has been and what the future sees.
Share the wisdom of the old world that has passed,
Step in a life that’s yet to be born. You spill the blood,
Eternal soul. I’ll show you sights that you would not believe.
Experience pleasures thought unobtained.
At one with evil that has ruled before.
Now smell the stench of immortality. You spill the blood,
Eternal soul. LEAD: HANNEMAN Spill your blood, let it run on to me,
Take my hand and let go of your life.
Close your eyes and see what is me,
Raise the chalice, embrace for evermore. You’ve spilt the blood.
I have your soul. [Slayer – Spill The Blood Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Jackass Number Two Movie (2006)
Name"Jackass Number Two" Movie (2006)

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Slayer - Spill The Blood Soundtrack Lyrics

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