King Triton - If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics

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King Triton – If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Little Mermaid” Musical (2008) ]  ARIEL (Spoken):
I’ve caused you so much trouble. Can you ever forgive me? KING TRITON (Spoken):
Why, I’ve never been prouder. Somehow, in the blink of an eye when my back was turned, you grew up. (Sung)
If only you could stay
And never say goodbye
If only I could make time stop
Believe me, I would try
But fathers have to learn
Their daughters have to grow
And if you truly love them
You must let them go… ARIEL:
And oh, I love you so
If only you could know! KING TRITON (Spoken):
You love him very much, don’t you?
You belong to his world now. [King Triton – If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Little Mermaid Musical (2008)
Name"Little Mermaid" Musical (2008)

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King Triton - If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics

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