Grimsby, Princesses - The Contest Soundtrack Lyrics

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Grimsby, Princesses – The Contest Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Little Mermaid” Musical (2008) ]  GRIMSBY:
Welcome, dear friends, to our contest
The first that this kingdom has ever seen!
We gather today for a vocal display
So our prince may at last choose a queen! (Spoken)
These six princesses possess the most accomplished voices in all the land! Tonight, one of you will go home with the crown!
May the best woman win! PRINCESS 1:
Listen to me
Don’t I sound rich?
Loud, am I not?
Plus, I’ve got perfect pitch
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything? PRINCE ERIC (Spoken):
That’s not her voice. I’ll know it the moment I hear it– PRINCESS 2:
Listen to this
Clear as can be!
You’ll know I’m it
When I hit my high C! Ah! PRINCESS 3:
Wouldn’t you think I’m the girl
The girl who has everything?
Everything! Everything… PRINCESS 4:
I’m a world-famous coloratura! PRINCESS 5:
My vibrato is second to none! PRINCESS 6:
I’m a walking display of bravura! PRINCESSES:
It’s so clear…
Can’t you hear? PRINCESS 5:
I’m the one! PRINCESS 1:
I’m the one! PRINCESS 4:
I’m the one! PRINCESSES 3 & 6:
I’m the one! PRINCESSES:
I’m the one! [Grimsby, Princesses – The Contest Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Little Mermaid Musical (2008)
Name"Little Mermaid" Musical (2008)

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Grimsby, Princesses - The Contest Soundtrack Lyrics

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