Meet the Robinsons Soundtrack List - Tracklist

Meet the Robinsons Animation (2007) Soundtrack  List – Tracklist – OST – Original Music from the Motion Picture

  1. Rufus Wainwright – Another Believer
  2. Rob Thomas – Little Wonders
  3. The All-American Rejects – The Future Has Arrived
  4. Jamie Cullum – Where is Your Heart At?
  5. Rufus – The Motion Waltz ( Emotional Commotion )
  6. Jamie Cullum – Give Me the Simple Life
  7. (Score) – The Prologue
  8. (Score) – To the Future!
  9. (Score) – Meeting the Robinsons
  10. (Score) – The Science Fair
  11. (Score) – Goob’s Story
  12. (Score) – A Family United
  13. (Score) – Pop Quiz and the Time Machine Montage
  14. (Score) – The Evil Plan
  15. (Score) – Doris Has Her Day
  16. (Score) – Setting Things Right
  17. They Might Be Giants – There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow
  18. Jonas Brothers – Kids of the Future

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