Next To Normal Soundtrack List - Tracklist

Next To Normal Musical (2009) Soundtrack  List – Tracklist – OST – Original Music from the Motion Picture

  1. Next to Normal Band – Prelude
  2. Alice Ripley – Just Another Day
  3. Jennifer Damiano – Everything Else
  4. Alice Ripley – Who’s Crazy / My Psychopharmacologist and I
  5. Jennifer Damiano – Perfect for You
  6. Alice Ripley – I Miss the Mountains
  7. Alice Ripley – It’s Gonna Be Good
  8. J. Robert Spencer – He’s Not Here
  9. Alice Ripley – You Don’t Know
  10. Alice Ripley – I Am the One
  11. Jennifer Damiano – Superboy and the Invisible Girl
  12. Aaron Tveit – I’m Alive
  13. Alice Ripley – Make Up Your Mind / Catch Me I’m Falling
  14. Alice Ripley – I Dreamed a Dance
  15. Aaron Tveit – There’s a World
  16. J. Robert Spencer – I’ve Been
  17. Alice Ripley – Didn’t I See This Movie?
  18. J. Robert Spencer – A Light in the Dark
  19. Alice Ripley – Wish I Were Here
  20. Alice Ripley – Song of Forgetting
  21. Jennifer Damiano – Hey N1
  22. Louis Hobson – Seconds and Years
  23. Alice Ripley – Better Than Before
  24. Aaron Tveit – Aftershocks
  25. Jennifer Damiano – Hey N2
  26. Alice Ripley – You Don’t Know (Reprise)
  27. Alice Ripley – How Could I Ever Forget?
  28. J. Robert Spencer – It’s Gonna Be Good (Reprise)
  29. Alice Ripley – Why Stay? / A Promise
  30. Aaron Tveit – I’m Alive (Reprise)
  31. Alice Ripley – The Break
  32. Alice Ripley – Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I’m Falling (Reprise)
  33. Alice Ripley – Maybe / Next to Normal
  34. Jennifer Damiano – Hey N3 / Perfect for You (Reprise)
  35. Alice Ripley – So Anyway
  36. J. Robert Spencer – I Am The One (Reprise)
  37. Alice Ripley – Light

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