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Playing for Keeps Movie (2012) Soundtrack List – Tracklist – OST – Listen to Original Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score list, all songs list – playlist, who sings them, including end credits. Below you can view the complete Playing for Keeps Soundtrack list: 1. Funnel Of Love – Terraplane Sun
2. Love Came Here – Lhasa
3. Hello Sunshine – Dena
4. Trouble – Over The Rhine
5. Tobacco Road – Hailey and Johnny
6. World Gone Mad – The Lackadaisies
7. Masquerade – The Lackadaisies
8. Synthesizers – Butch Walker and the Black Widows
9. After The Rain – Written by Jud Friedman and Allan Rich Additional film music – songs that are not included in the official soundtrack list,
but are playing in the movie.
1. Addicted – Toby Lightman
2. The Star-Spangled Banner – John Stafford Smith Playing for Keeps Film Information: Genre: Comedy, Romance
Release Date: 7 December 2012 (USA)
Length: 105 minutes
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The scene descriptions are also available for each song, in the list, if you click on the icon.
Scene descriptions. The songs are in the order of apperance:

1. Funnel Of Love – Terraplane Sun - After trying to sell his football equipment, George picks up his son to take him to his soccer practice. [3']
2. Love Came Here – Lhasa - After having his 1st official practice as the kids' soccer team coach, George arrives home to listen to all of the moms' messages on his machine. [17']
3. Hello Sunshine – Dena - After their 1st game as a team, George arrives at Carl's party. He tells funny stories from when he was a soccer player. Carl introduces him to his wife, Patty. [30']
4. Trouble – Over The Rhine - Plays after George and Denise had recorded his sports castor audition and have had sex. George takes his son from Denise's place and takes him home, to Stacy. [51']
5. Tobacco Road – Hailey and Johnny - After Patty gets the house wrong (his landlord's) and George pays his rent. Plays at George's when he gets back home where Patty awaits him in her lingerie. He tries to send her home, but she stalls. Landlord comes to give him back the extra hundred as Patty sneaks out the back door. [54']
6. World Gone Mad – The Lackadaisies - Plays in background at the bar George takes Stacey out to. [1h 02']
7. Masquerade – The Lackadaisies - Plays in background at the bar George takes Stacey out to. [1h 04']
8. Synthesizers – Butch Walker and the Black Widows - George come back, so him and Stacey get back together. George, Stacey and their son playing in front of her house. Last scene of the movie. End Credits. (1st song) [1h 37']
9. After The Rain – Written by Jud Friedman and Allan Rich - End Credits. (2nd song) [1h 41']
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Below we tried to write all the songs in the soundtrack, even those that are not included in the official soundtrack,
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PLAYING FOR KEEPS (2012) Hour:MINUTE:SECOND 00:00:20 - Uncategorized song Scene: starts with a sports commenter commenting on a game

00:02:09 - Uncategorized song Scene: George films himself as a Sports Anchor

00:03:47 - FUNNEL OF LOVE by TERRAPLANE SUN Scene: George tries to sell his personal stuff from when he was a football player

00:05:38 - Uncategorized song Scene: George takes Lewis to practice

00:07:53 - Uncategorized song Scene: George looks at the video he filmed

00:11:13 - Uncategorized song Scene: George tries to help Lewis' football team in practice

00:16:57 - LOVE CAME HERE by LHASA DE SELA Scene: George gets phone calls from the moms of the kids he's coaching

00:19:17 - Uncategorized song Scene: George gives a speech to the kids before their first game with him as coach

00:28:46 - Uncategorized song Scene: At one of the football practices, Carl dares George to hit the bars

00:30:14 - HELLO SUNSHINE by DENA Scene: George is invited to a party at Carl's house

00:33:39 - Uncategorized song Scene: Carl lends George his Ferrari after he leaves the party

00:41:47 - Uncategorized song Scene: After sleeping with Barb, George wakes up alone in the bed

00:45:56 - Uncategorized song Scene: George teaches Lewis how to drive the Ferrari

00:51:29 - TROUBLE by OVER THE RHINE Scene: Denise and George return to her place after going to the studio

00:54:47 - TOBBACO ROAD by HAILEY AND JOHNNY Scene: When he gets home, George finds Patty in his bed

01:01:36 - WORLD GONE MAD by THE LACKADAISIES Scene: Stacie and George have lunch together at a restaurant

01:02:22 - MASQUARADE by THE LACKADAISIES Scene: George and Stacie talk about Lewis

01:05:55 - Uncategorized song Scene: George and Lewis train in the rain

01:08:28 - Uncategorized song Scene: George spends time with Lewis and Stacie

01:13:04 - Uncategorized song Scene: Stacie walks out crying after George tried to kiss her

00:15:38 - Uncategorized song Scene: Denise comes to give George some good news

01:17:13 - Uncategorized song Scene: George gets the job at ESPN

01:24:28 - Uncategorized song Scene: George gives the kids a speech for their last game of the season

01:29:00 - Uncategorized song Scene: George picks up the pictures Carl threw on the floor

01:34:00 - Uncategorized song Scene: Stacie tells Matt that she's still in love with George

01:36:46 - SYNTHESIZERS by BUTCH WALKER AND THE BLACK WIDOWS Scene: George comes back from his way to Connecticut to be with his son

01:40:01 - AFTER THE RAIN by JOHN TERMAINE Scene: end credits

01:43:21 - Uncategorized song Scene: end credits

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