The Fosters Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013)

The Fosters Season 1 Soundtrack List (2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
Original air date: June 3 2013 Secret by Missy Higgins
– scene where Callie asks a colegue to give her a ride around the town
FInd a Way by Tyler Blackburn
– Brandon is following Callie as she is sneaking out of school and she receives a phone call her brother on the phone of Brandon
Before It Breaks by Brandi Carlile
– song from the closing scene
Old Pine by Ben Howard
New Beginning by The Young Romans
– the kids arrive at school
Fire and Dynamite by Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors
– scene where Callie takes the phone of Brandon while he is busy reading
Two Steps Away by The CO
– song played while Brandon and Callie have a discussion in the bus about her brother
Pretty Tragedy by Nikki Flores
Where You Belong by Kari Kimmel
The Theme Song For ‘The Fosters’ – due for release next week. See https://www.facebook.com/karikimmelfan for more info. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 2 “Consequently” s01e02
Original air date: June 10 2013 Long Walk Back by The Rifles
– scene where Callie is going to see her brother at school.
Everything’s Lookin Up by Sugar & The Hi Lows
– song played while Mariana and some friends discuss about Callie in the lunch time
Where You Belong by Kari Kimmel
– song heard in the credits
Rain On Me by The Gods Of Macho
– when Mariana is telling Jesus not to forget to take his medicine
Your Eyes by Tyler Blackburn
– music heard when the lockers are searched by the security guards The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 3 “Hostile Acts” s01e03
Original air date: June 17 2013 Can’t Go Back Now by The Weepies
– song playing while Callie and Brandon talk about him moving with his father and Mariana and Jesus talk about his actions while Lexi is waiting for Jessi at the beach.
July by BOY
– scene where Callie decides to write in her diary
Celebrate the Days by The Rassle
– song from the opening scene
Cross That Line by Joshua Radin
– song played when Lena is changing the answers in the test of Jude while Jesus is crossing the line in what concerns his relationship with Mariana
Family Name by Peter Bradley Adams
– music played in the end of the episode when everyone is watching a movie The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 4 “Quinceanera” s01e04
Original air date: June 24 2013 Shooting Star by Kari Kimmel
– dance of Mike and Mariana
Live It Up (feat. Pitbull) by Jennifer Lopez
– song played when everyone is dancing,  Brandon is confronting Talya and Mariana is confronting Lexi.
Shooting Star (Stripped) by Kari Kimmel
– dance of Mike and Mariana, Callie and Brandon talk about the jealousy of Talya
Believe by Nicholas Ruth
– the waltz song
You Remind Me by Andy Shauf
– song played whit the scene featuring a video and a picture montage at the Quinceanera.
Rule the World by Anabel Englund
– music heard while everyone is preparing for the Quinceanera
Golden by Dena
– Mike is asked for a favor by Stef
Ready To Go by Toby Lightman
– song played when couples are walking into the party
Simply Beautiful by Pilothill
– when Lena gets upset because of Dana
You Are My Girl by Jack Miz
– when Lexi is consoled by Jesus
Where You Belong by Kari Kimmel
– song played in the opening scene
Here and Now by Drew Seeley The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 5 “The Morning After” s01e05
Original air date: July 1 2013 My Boy by Donovan Woods
– when Mariana and Garret meet at a cafe and read poetry
I’m Good by Toby Lightman
– scene where Stef and Lana make out in the car
All in the Attitude by Toby Lightman
– song played in the opening scene
Me, Myself & I by Toby Lightman
– music played when Mariana asks about the poetry
So Natural by Toby Lightman
H-E-L-L-O by Toby Lightman
Let It Go by Meiko
– when Lena finds out that Jenna and Kelly might break up and when Mariana and Garret are getting to know each other
Are You Ready Yet? by Clare Bowditch
– scene where Jesus and Lexi are hooking up on her bed
Brave by Jesse Thomas
– song played while Wyatt and Callie are at the beach house for a date.
Add My Effort by The Weepies
– music played while Jesus and Lexi are discussing on the beach.
Wandering Times by Jack Dolgen
– when Callie finds out about the relationship of Wyatt with Talya
Show and Tell by Maggie Eckford
– when Garret sends a message to Mariana
Be With Me by Anabel Englund
– Mariana and Garret talk about his slam poetry and she congratulates him. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 6 “Saturday” s01e06
Original air date: July 8 2013 Lipstick Traces by F-Units
– when Callie and Wyatt are in his room.
Black Eye Boogie by The Centerfolds
– song played when Callie & Mariana walk into the party.
Children’s Corner: I. Doctor Gradus Ad Parnassum by Claude Debussy
– scene where Brandon is at the audition
Long, Hard Day by Toby Lightman
– song played in the cloing scene
Skullface by Step-Panther
– song heard while Callie is searching for Mariana and talks with Talya.
Son of an American by The So-So Gloss
– Callie and Liam meet at the party.
Trireme by Snowday
– when Brandon & Mike eat after the audition.
Son of an American by The So So Glos
– when Callie and Liam meet at the party. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 7 “The Fallout” s01e07
Original air date: July 15 2013 Your Darkest Days by Peter Katz
When the Sky Fell by Shel
– closing scene
Arroz con leche by Alexandra Barreto
– lullaby sung by Ana to Mariana on the beach
Get it Daddy by Sleeper Agent
– Jesus wants to meet Lexi
Freight Train by Sara Jackson-Holman
– music playing while Lana is in the bed and Stef is in the bathroom
Down the Line by Julia & The Doogans
– Lexi and Mariana talk at the house of Wyatt
One Woman Army by Kate Earl
– when Stef is searching Lexi
Kirsten Price – New Day by Kirsten Price
– song played when Lexi and Mariana renew their friendship The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 8 “Clean” s01e08
Original air date: July 22 2013 Stumble On the Line by Andy Zipf
– Brandon receives tickets to a concert from Talya
One Woman Army by Kate Earl
– when Brandon and Callie are discussing in the kitchen, about Talya
Mountains by Odessa Rose
– when Jesus is discussing with Lexie
You Got My Love by Toby Lightman
– song played when Gretchen says he knows George Clooney
Let Yourself Be Loved by Garrison Starr
– when everyone sees the video of Talya The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 9 “Vigil” s01e09
Original air date: July 29 2013 Treehouse by Rosie and Me
– song played in the flashback about the first meeting of Lena and Stef
Anchor Holds the Sea by Captains & Captives
– song heard when they visit Stef in the hospital
On the Other Side by Phillip LaRue
– music playing when Wyatt is breaking up with Callie
Save It All by Marie Hines
– when Mariana and Lena are talking about Ana
St. Christopher (On My Way) by Michael Logen
– final scene of the episode
For Granted by Odessa Rose
– Stef is proposing to Lena
That Sweet Thing by Bill Gordon
– second flashback of Lena and Mike The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 10 “I Do” s01e10
Original air date: August 5 2013 Breaking Your Own Heart by Michael Logen
Wyatt tells Callie that he’s moving away & says goodbye to her.
Where You Came From by Scattered Trees
Callie & Mariana are in their beds talking about whether or not Callie should lie at the trial.
Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Mariana dedicates the song to Stef & Lena; The whole Fosters family dances.
You Belong to Me by The Boxer Rebellion
The wedding ceremony; Stef & Lena give their vows & their friends give their toasts.
Tiger Child by The Young Romans
Callie & Jude agree to be adopted by the Fosters; Callie asks Brandon to talk; Lexi tells Jesus that she’s moving away.
Re-Arrange Again by Erin McCarley
End of the episode: Callie leaves the Fosters’ home & goes off with Wyatt.
You Take It Slowly by Telekinesis
Lexi wants to have sex again but Jesus refuses.
Let’s Go by Aaron Espe
Brandon & Callie kiss; Jude catches them kissing.
Just Play The Music by LaurynVyce
Lexi will be devastated; Callie apologizes to Jude. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 11 “The Honeymoon” s01e11
Original air date: January 13 2014 From Afar by Vance Joy
Callie and Wyatt in bed.
Heavy Heart by Madi Diaz
Jesus and Lexi say their goodbyes.
Save Me from the Fire (feat. Eliza Neals) by Barrett Strong
Callie and Wyatt talk about aliens, ghosts, and the future at the crater.
Girl With No Name by Jules Larson & AG
Callie on the bus
Shadow by Jules larson and AG The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 12 “House and Home” s01e12
Original air date: January 20 2014 In the Arms by Lucy Schwartz
Callie learns how she can see Jude by getting privileges & goes to bed; Mariana asks Jude if he wants to sleep in Callie’s bed.
Casualty by Kopecky Family Band
Callie is walking the hall in Juvie for her interview.
Turning the Tide by Stigma
Mike talks to Brandon about Callie running away.
Too Many Lies by The Futures League
Jesus and Mike play basketball.
We Are Broken by This, the Silent War
End of the episode: Rita tells Callie that she runs away from her problems; Callie reunites with Brandon as the other girls watch.
Rule the World by Anabel Englund
Mariana talks to Chase over lunch.
Shadow Love by Anabel Englund
When Mariana walks in the dressing room to talk Kelsey about the stolen hat
We Are Broken by This, the Silent War
When Callie leaps into Brandon’s arms at the end of the episode
Paint the City In Lights – Single by The CO The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 13 “Things Unsaid” s01e13
Original air date: January 27 2014 Bloom (Bonus Track) by The Paper Kites
Jesus is running on the beach and sees the girl he wrestled with.
Hello Mr. Sunshine by Amy Stroup
Chase asks Mariana to run lines with him.
Secrets by The Wooden Birds
Callie meets up with Brandon during her field trip.
Some Things I’d Rather Not Know (feat. Mindy Smith) by Madeleine Slate
Stef tries to visit Callie at the group home; Lena asks Jude why he hid some food in his room.
Shotgun to the Heart by Rosie and Me
Mariana’s listening to music when Stef & Lena confront her about the stolen hat & her suspension. The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 14 “Family Day” s01e14
Original air date: February 3 2014 Outlaws – Single by David Lambert
Mind Over Matter by Sea Stars
Talk to Me by Genevieve
Old Friend by Sea Wolf
Think I Said Too Much by Sugar & The Hi Lows
Someone, Sometime by Mindy Smith The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 15 “Padre” s01e15
Original air date: February 10 2014 It’s Your Sweet Love by Mark Cook
Death By Proxy by Rare Monk
You’ll Find a Way by Danny Brooks
Shelter by Adrianne Gonzalez
Come Back To You by Andrew Combs & Shannon Wright
Sons and Daughters (feat. Liz Lawrence) by Allman Brown
Hymn for the Departed by Dave Thomas Junior
Can’t Go Back by Rosi Golan
Shelter You by AG The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 16 “Us Against The World” s01e15
Original air date: February 17 2014 War of Hearts by Russell Taylor
Same Changes by The Weepies
Don’t Say by Hannah Cohen The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 17 “Kids in the Hall” s01e17
Original air date: February 24 2014 Big Blue Wave by Hey Ocean!
The Crooked Kind by Radical Face
It Hurts by Bad Bad Hats
Way with Words by Mideau
100 Lovers by Tennis
Paper Cloud by Glacier Park
No Time to Waste by Political Rivals The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 18 “Escapes and Reversals” s01e18
Original air date: March 3 2014 Stars by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Was by Fay Wolf
We Are Made To Be Broken by Jules Larson & AG
Million by The Fall
Shake, Shake, Shake by Bronze Radio Return
Harlot by Misun
Nothing Will Get Any Better by Unwed Teenage Mothers
It’s Getting Better by Imaginary Future
Be With Me by Anabel Englund The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 19 “Don’t Let Go” s01e19
Original air date: March 10 2014 Finally Found Our Way by Amy Stroup
Never Said a Single Word by Almost Free
To Know You Are Not Alone by Aaron Espe
Baby by Helena Kletch
Heart of Mine by Sarah Fairfield The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 20 “Metropolis” s01e20
Original air date: March 17 2014 Weirdo by Starhook
Outlaws – Single by David Lambert
love grenades ( hands up) by starshook
shut up ft lucious k. by starshook
A Thousand Nights by Trent Dabbs
You’ve Put Your Voodoo On Me by Bo Molasses
Do What You Do by Great Wolf
Freeway (feat. David Lambert) by Starhook
Fly by Starhook
N.Y. Neon Light by Starhook
Promise by Ben Howard The Fosters (Season 1) – Episode 21 “Adoption Day” s01e21
Original air date: March 24 2014 It’s Gonna Find You by Bombs Over Nowhere
Under the Weather by Rachel Nichols
Learning To Live With the Pain by Kate York
Long Time Gone by Neighbors
Too Much by Ourlives
Wild Enough by Neighbors


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