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Touchback Movie (2012) Soundtrack List – Tracklist – OST – Listen to Original Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score list, all songs list – playlist, who sings them, including end credits. Touchback Soundtrack Information: Audio CD (May 29, 2012)
Original Release Date: 2012
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Varese Sarabande Below you view the Touchback complete soundtrack list: Music by William Ross:
1. Opening Titles (2:56)
2. Ride Home (1:33)
3. Soybean Field (1:23)
4. Money Troubles (1:26)
5. The Frost (1:31)
6. Harvest (1:32)
7. Suicide (3:36)
8. Back To High School (2:14)
9. Back To Football (1:24)
10. Young Macy (1:00)
11. Coldwater (1:04)
12. Back Home (1:12)
13. Macy In Front Of Lockers (:54)
14. High School Flame (:48)
15. Skinny Dip (:45)
16. Campfire (2:48)
17. Save The Band (2:36)
18. Next Year (1:30)
19. The Barn (2:29)
20. Life Without Macy (1:34)
21. Ohio Jersey (1:00)
22. Mom And Son Dinner (2:18)
23. Waiting For Murphy (1:47)
24. It’s Gonna Keep Comin’ (2:06)
25. Back In The Game (1:49)
26. Halftime Speech (1:51)
27. Gig Catches / Taking The Lead (5:17)
28. Full Circle / Black Seven (7:05)
29. Town Harvest / Back To Macy (6:21) The official soundtrack album for Touchback is set for release via Varese Sarabande records on May 29, 2012.
The album will feature the original scores composed by William Ross, who you might know from his musical success with “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”, or “Ladder 49”. Touchback Film Information: Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy
Movie release date: 13 April 2012 (USA)
Duration: 118 minutes Plot:
Former high school football star turned farmer and family man, Scott Murphy (Brian Presley) finds himself with a unique opportunity to revisit his glory days during the Ohio State championship game where he permanently injured his knee in a game-winning play. Given a second shot at his destiny, Scott seeks counsel from Coach Hand (Kurt Russell), Scott’s longtime mentor on and off the field, to help him decide whether to let his fate unfold, or follow a path that will change his future. Director: Don Handfield
Writer: Don Handfield (screenplay)
Stars: Brian Presley, Kurt Russell and Melanie Lynskey

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  • Keith says:


    Free MP3 download

  • Martha says:

    I’ve searched everywhere with no luck. I love this song and want it so badly. Don’t understand why it can’t be found.

  • Arlene says:

    I have the same question as gloria on January 10, 2013. Where in the world can I find “Nothing without you” by Phil Vassar. He sings it during the credits at the end of the movie. It is listed in the credits. I gotta have it. I searched all his albums and can’t find it. I searched the Touchback soundtrack and it is not on it. HELP, HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!! Thanks bunches!

  • tom says:

    I’m nothing without you, is done by Phil Vassar

  • tim says:

    trying to find i believe in that by josh thompson as well …no luck

  • gloria says:

    I have searched and searched for the song “I’m nothing without you” on the Touchback soundtrack, but it is no where to be found. It is sung in the end credits. Can anyone help me find it?


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