R.I.P.D. Soundtrack List

R.I.P.D. Soundtrack List – Movie (2013) – Tracklist – OST List – Listen to Original Score, Theme Music from the Motion Picture, film score list, song list of all of the songs played in the movie – playlist, who sings them, including end credits. R.I.P.D. Soundtrack Details:
Christophe Beck composer
Release date July 16, 2013 Below you can view the complete R.I.P.D. Soundtrack list, album tracklist: 1. Hey Nineteen Performed by Steely Dan
2. Konichiwa Bitches – Trentemøller Remix Performed by Robyn
3. Let’s Get It On Performed by Marvin Gaye
4. Try It Again Performed by The Hives
5. The Better Man Performed by Jeff Bridges
6. Bob Dylan – All Along The Watchtower Below you can view the official R.I.P.D. score list: Original score composed by Christophe Beck
1. R.I.P.D.
2. The Ascent
3. Elevator Chase
4. Orientation
5. Evidence Room
6. Partners
7. Nick’s Funeral
8. A Closer Look
9. Nawiki
10. A Powerful Artifact
11. First Vortex
12. Fat Elvis
13. Raining Cars
14. Hunting Hayes
15. Track Ghost
16. High Noon
17. Half Spheres
18. House Wrecked
19. Icy Hot Partner
20. Mano a Mano
21. Goodbye
22. Roy’s Hat
23. The Better Man – Jeff Bridges & T Bone Burnett R.I.P.D. Film Information: Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime
Release date: 19 July 2013 (USA) Director: Robert Schwentke
Writers: Phil Hay (screenplay), Matt Manfredi (screenplay)
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Mary-Louise Parker, Jeff Bridges Plot:
“A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him. “ Below you can listen to the full R.I.P.D score:

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Interested to know who wrote the songs? Have a look below:

1. Hey Nineteen Written by Walter Becker, Donald Fagen

2. Konichiwa Bitches Written by Klas Åhlund, Robin Carlsson

3. Let's Get It On Written by Marvin Gaye, Ed Townsend

4. Try It Again Written by Randy Fitzsimmons

5. The Better Man Music by Jeff Bridges, T Bone Burnett Lyrics by Jeff Bridges, T Bone Burnett, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi, Robert Schwentke

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  • PJ says:

    The song at the ending credits is Konichiwa Bitches.
    Konichiwa Bitches Written by Klas Åhlund, Robin Carlsson

    Continue reading http://www.songonlyrics.com/soundtracks/ripd-soundtrack-list.html#ixzz2lgKlnWI9

  • xemilyca says:

    The song at the closing credits is “Konichiwa Bitches” Trentemoller Remix by Robyn. iTunes does not have it. It’s on the second disc of the Trentemoller Chronicles.

  • Tina says:

    I’m also wanting to know the song from the end credits.. fast-paced, made me wanna dance… awesome song.. why are there only 5 songs listed on the official track list?? That’s stupid..

  • BuffaloBill says:


    Anyone know the name of the song played during the closing credits?

  • bees deluxe says:

    You missed All Along the Watchtower” composed by Bob Dylan


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