Vampire Diaries Season 4 Soundtrack List (2012)

Vampire Diaries Season 4 Soundtrack List (2012-2013) – tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 1 – “Growing Pains” s04e01
Original air date: October 11 2012 Whirring (Innerpartysystem Remix) by The Joy Formidable
Twice by Little Dragon
Elena remembers when Damon tells her he loved her & that he saw her first but he compelled her to forget.
Wait For The Morning by Amy Stroup
Elena tells Stefan that she’ll take it one day at a time being a vampire; He gives her a daylight ring and they kiss.
Whirring by The Joy Formidable
Klaus is making out with Caroline, who thinks he’s still Tyler, after he saves her.
Feel so Close by Calvin Harris
Damon and Elena dancing Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 2 – “Memorial” s04e02
Original air date: October 18 2012 Change by Kopecky Family Band
Stefan & Elena pop a bottle of wine open.
Fear and Loathing by Marina and the Diamonds
Elena feeds on Damon’s blood.
Ungodly Hour by The Fray
End of the episode: Everyone let’s laterns go into the night sky dedicating them to those they’ve lost; Damon talks to Alaric’s grave while Alaric listens.
Youth Knows No Pain by Lykke Li
Connor asks Matt what happened to his neck
Woe Is Me. . . I Am Ruined by The Lonely Forest
When Liz comes up to Damon in The Grille and accuses him of killing the council members.
Hurt by The Gods Of Macho
Elena and Stefan start hooking up in the forest during his attempt to teach her how to hunt.
How Can I Keep From Singing by St. Phillips Boy’s Choir
At the memorial; Matt lets Elena feed on him.
Feel So Close (Extended Mix) by Calvin Harris
Elena and Damon dirty dancing at the rave Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 3 – “The Rager” s04e03
Original air date: October 25 2012 Hideout by Syvia
Ho Hey by The Lumineers
Hayley arrives to visit Tyler.
Disparate Youth by Santigold
Elena & Stefan get to Rebekah’s party.
Girl Like Me by Ladyhawke
Elena does a keg stand.
Don’t Say Oh Well by Grouplove
Elena stands on the back of the motorcycle while Stefan drives.
Too Close by Alex Clare
Elena & Stefan are making out when She hallucinates of Damon.
Keep You by Wild Belle
Elena and April talk at Rebeka’s party. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 4 – “The Five” s04e04
Original air date: November 1 2012 Glamour by Anders Manga
Elana, Damon arrive at Halloween Party
Kill Your Heroes by AWOLNATION
Damon, Elena & Bonnie arrive at the college campus.
Feel so Close (Radio Edit) by Calvin Harris
Elena & Damon dance together at the frat party after feeding.
Happening by Olivia Broadfield
Damon, Elena and Stefan talking at the end
Sweat by Hard-FI
Matt, Rebekah & April are at the grill.
Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix) by Calvin Harris
Damon, Elena & Bonnie arrive at the college campus.
My Obsession by Mia Bojanic & Randall Brent
promo song Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 5 – “The Killer” s04e05
Original air date: November 8 2012 Smother by Daughter
Elena & Stefan are both writing in their diaries.
Tick by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Scene in the restaurant when it blows up
One Minute by The Album Leaf
Damon & Stefan find Elena trying to dig a spot for Connor’s body.
Keep On Runnin’ by Cat Power
Elena is caught burying Connor
The Light by The Album Leaf
Stefan thanks Damon for not revealing information about the cure to Elena Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 6 – “We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes” s04e06
Original air date: November 15 2012 The Thread of the Thing by Fay Wolf
Elena & Damon are in her room; He tells her that there may be a cure; Caroline tells Tyler that she agreed to go on a date with Klaus.
It’s Alive by A Fine Frenzy
Matt & Damon are at the Mystic Grill; Matt tells Damon about all the info he found on April’s dad & Shane.
Same Ol’ by The Heavy
Haley, Chris & Tyler are drink to pay their respect to Dean; Klaus joins them & tells them he knows Elena killed Connor.
Bedroom Eyes by Dum Dum Girls
Caroline & Klaus are at the Mystic Grill. He tells her that he wouldn’t let Tyler hurt her & offers her a drink.
Away Frm U by Oberhofer
Caroline & Klaus are at the Mystic Grill; She tells him that she was supposed to distract him so they can rescue Elena (only to lose her) & that they figured out how to stop the hallucinations.
Walking Blind by Aidan Hawken and Carina Round
End of the episode: Elena & Stefan break up. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 7 – “My Brother’s Keeper” s04e07
Original air date: November 29 2012 Dirty and Clean by Stephanie Schneiderman
Promo of the Episode
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
End of the episode: Elena dances & makes out with Damon; Caroline has a revelation while talking with Stefan that Elena is sired to Damon.
Let’s Go by Matt & Kim
Everyone is prepping for the pageant.
Little Deschutes by Laura Veirs
The couples dance together at the pageant.
Ordinary World by Vitamin String Quartet
Klaus greets Caroline at the pageant & they see Haley & Tyler arrive; Haley pretends that she won the pageant.
Ain’t Fair by Deap Vally
Haley tries to help a hybrid break a sire bond.
Falling Slowly by Vitamin String Quartet
Klaus & Caroline talk at the pageant about being vampires & getting cured; He teases her about her Miss Mystic Falls application; Tyler sees them both drinking. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 8 – “We’ll Always Have Bourbon Street” s04e08
Original air date: December 6 2012 Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation
Beginning of the episode, Damon and Elena are in his bed.
It Don’t Mean a Thing by Duke Ellington & Ivie Anderson
Flashback to 1942 New Orleans. Damon is with Charlotte at a bar discussing who they’d like to have for dinner.
Let it Go by Dragonette
Girls dancing in the living room
Speechless by Morning Parade
Damon and Elena talking at the end
It Don’t mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) by TVD NOLA Band
Plays during the first flashback scene, when Damon meets up with Charlotte at the bar.
Take It Back by Junior Prom
Plays when Elena hands out vintage champagne bottles to Bonnie and Caroline, and then reveals that Damon helped her ease back into drinking from blood bags.
Stop Breaking Down by TVD NOLA Band
Plays when Stefan and Damon walk through New Orleans during present time. Beads, bourbon fun!
The Mall by Fort Lean
Plays at the Mystic Grill while Tyler and Hayley at talking and Kim is shooting pool with Adrian.
So What Do You Say by PJ Parker
Plays when Lexi and Stefan enter the bar that Damon is at so that Damon can bury the hatchet with his brother.
Hooray For You by Felicia Parker
add scene description
Speechless (Acoustic) by Morning Parade
Damon & Elena talking at the end; she tells him that it is still real.
Hooray for You by Felicia Carter
Plays when Lexi confronts Damon about not going to war with Stefan, and then Damon let’s his brother free.
Holding a Heart by Girl Named Toby
Stefan and Lexi talking
It Makes No Difference Who We Are by Celldweller
promo song Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 9 – “O Come, All Ye Faithful” s04e09
Original air date: December 13 2012 Take You To The Mistletoe by The Kicks
Caroline phones Stefan to yell at him for being late
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Digital Daggers
End of episode when Klaus kills Mrs. Lockwood.
O Holy Night by Cary Brothers
Klaus kills the hybrids.
Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses
Caroline compliments Klaus on his painting.
Christmas Treat by Julian Casablancas
Tyler tells Caroline his plan for Klaus.
The Christmas Song by The Raveonettes
Tyler sitting on a bench talking to his mother about his plan to take Klaus out.
Jingle Bells by Sugar & The Hi Lows
Stefan tells Klaus he broke into his safe looking for the sword.
Oblivion by Bastille
Elena speaking to Damon right before she leaves the lake house; Stefan throws a table over in anger while Caroline watches
Covering Your Tracks by Amy Stroup
Elena & Damon wake up in bed together fully clothed at the beginning of the episode
Speechless by Morning Parade
Running Down the Aisle by Morning Parade
Elena and Damon speaking near the lake. She tells him that the last time she was there she loved Stefan. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 10 – “After School Special” s04e10
Original air date: January 17 2013 Go Right Ahead by The Hives
practice kick boxing
Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood
Bonnie meets up with her Dad (Rudy Owens) at the Mystic Grill.
Beaver Town by Tangerine Dream
When Stefan walks out of the room and away from Elena
New York by Snow Patrol
Elena tells Damon that she loves him.
Shooting the Moon by Mona
Stefan is seen drinking alone at the Mystic Grill when Caroline calls him. They discuss Mrs. Lockwood’s suspicious death.
Nothing Will Ever Change (This Love of Mine) by Jimmy Jules
Klaus finally takes matters into his own hands and turns an entire bar full of people into a vampire hunter’s haven. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 11 – “Catch Me If You Can” s04e11
Original air date: January 24 2013 Sleep Alone by Two Door Cinema Club
Stefan finds Rebekah in his room.
Missing by The XX
Rebekah tells Stefan why she didn’t compel him & about their previous sex life.
Skin by Zola Jesus
End of the episode: Damon wakes up; Stefan & Elena talk about his new attitude; Bonnie & her dad talk about getting her some help.
16 Years by Phantogram
Damon goes to the Mystic Grill looking for Jeremy.
They Told Me by Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside
Beginning of the episode: Damon & Klaus try to get Jeremy to kill the vampires at the bar.
Baby I Call Hell by Deap Vally
Damon & Jeremy walk into the bar looking for Vampires to kill. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 12 – “A View to a Kill” s04e12
Original air date: January 31 2013 If You Were Here by Cary Brothers
Rebekah & Stefan are in the hallway; Rebekah gives him the dagger to kill Kol.
Maneater by The Bird and the Bee
Rebekah looks for something to wear as she talks to Stefan; He tells her that the dance is cancelled.
Lovesong by The Cure
Rebekah & Stefan dance in the gym.
Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi
Rebekah & Stefan dance and talk about his past relationships.
99 Luft Balloons by Gothic Sluts, Inc.
Another Girl by Wild Belle
Beginning of the episode: Stefan wakes up in bed with Rebekah & tries to sneak out.
99 Red Balloons by Goldfinger
Wrong –Bonnie is helping set up for the dance & is talking on the phone with Elena, who has a plan to kill Kol.
Half Asleep by Trever Keith
Stefan & Rebekah walk into the empty gym where the dance was supposed to be held.
99 Red Balloons by 7 Seconds
Bonnie is helping set up for the dance & is talking on the phone with Elena, who has a plan to kill Kol.
12 Gauge by Bundle of Hiss
Kol walks down the street and receives a call from Elena Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 13 – “Into the Wild” s04e13
Original air date: February 7 2013 “This episode needs your help to add the songs” Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 14 – “Down the Rabbit Hole” s04e14
Original air date: February 14 2013 Been a Long Day by Rosi Golan
Caroline tells Tyler that he must get away from Klaus & makes him promise to forget about her; They share a final kiss before he finally leaves as she continues to cry.
If You Were Here by Cary Brothers
Klaus and Caroline Theme by Michael Suby
klaus tells Caroline to tell Tyler to run
A.S.A.D. by Vains of Jenna
Don’t Say Goodbye by Jamestown Story Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 15 – “Stand by Me” s04e15
Original air date: February 21 2013 Family by Noah Gundersen
End of the episode: Stefan & Damon talk on the porch; Elena sets fire to the Gilbert home.
Control by Garbage
Promo song Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 16 – “Bring It On” s04e16
Original air date: March 14 2013 Anymore of This by Mindy Smith & Matthew Perryman Jones
End of the episode: Caroline leaves another message for Tyler; Stefan & Caroline talk about Elena and how she’s changed; Elena & Stefan talk about her emotions being turned off.
Control by Garbage
Klaus & Hayley make out & have sex and is also the promo song
Lions of Least by Pontiak
Caroline sees that Elena has fed on the competition & confronts her about it.
Temporary by White Rabbits
Elena arrives at the cheerleading competition.
I Love It (feat. Charli XCX) by Icona Pop
Elena throws a party at the Salvatore mansion after Stefan brings her home.
Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids
Caroline & Stefan watch Elena dance at the party.
Professional Griefers (feat. Gerard Way) by Deadmau5
Sheriff Forbes arrives to the party & tries to shut it down; Elena tries to feed off of her before Caroline saves her mom; Elena runs off with Sheriff Forbes.
Dance With Me by Ra Ra Riot
Damon & Rebekah are at the party talking about the cure & being an ordinary human being instead of being a vampire.
White on White by FIDLAR
Elena walks away from Damon after he convinces her to stop feeding on a woman; End of the episode: Damon & Elena drive off to New York.
5 To 9 by FIDLAR
Elena returns to school & sees a poster for Jeremy’s memorial on the message board; Caroline leaves a message for Tyler. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 17 – “Because the Night” s04e17
Original air date: March 21 2013 Ask the Angels by Dead Sara
The band performs as Damon, Elena & Rebekah have shots at the bar while talking about Lexi; Damon has a flashback of him & Lexi feeding on a woman; Elena, Damon & Rebekah feed on a woman.
Lemon Scent by Dead Sara
Rebekah suggests to Elena that they should work together to find the cure.
Psycho Killer by Talking Heads
Beginning of the episode: Damon feeds on a couple; Damon & Elena walk the New York streets during the morning.
Let’s Dance by Ramones
Damon has a flashback of him & Lexi making out in the bar; Elena wants to hear more about the story.
Heartbeat by Kopecky Family Band
Elena & Rebekah drive off in Damon’s car.
Arms and Enemies by The Quiet Kind
Bonnie wakes up after Stefan brings her home & has forgotten everything that has recently happened; Klaus & Caroline finish burying the witches & he yells at her for completing the massacre.
Psycho Killer by Harper Blynn
First scene of the episode, Damon kills the couple on the flashback in new york
Loudmouth by Cary Brothers
Damon flashback scene while punk band plays.
Bite Your Lip by New Cassettes
Elena and Damon walk into the bar.
In The Search Of An Audience by The Godz
Lexi try to talk about Katherine with Damon in the bar.
Evil Soul by The Young Werewolves
Elena says to Damon, Lexi’s convinced him to turn his emotions back on.
Shut Up and Dance by Rookie
Rebekah tells to Elena, Damon’s looking for the cure.
Arms and Enemies by The Quiet Kind
Loudmouth by The Handys
a ii i need by Within Temptation Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 18 – “American Gothic” s04e18
Original air date: March 28 2013 Why Try by Young Summer
Song playing at the end of the episode when Elena, Stefan & Damon were in the cafe talking about the cure.
Days Long Gone by Don Gallardo
Song playing when Katherine, Elena and Rebekah in the cafe.
Forget Me Not by The Civil Wars
Song playing in the background at the cafe.
Get Started by Nick Nolan
4×19 “Pictures Of You” Promo Music Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 19 – “Pictures Of You” s04e19
Original air date: April 18 2013 Paper and Gun by The Cold and Lovely
Remember by Kari Kimmel
Caroline & Stefan dance as they talk about Elena & love.
Desert Song by Hot as Sun
Everyone has arrived at prom and is dancing.
Whispers by Dave Baxter
Beginning of the episode: Bonnie is dreaming of visiting Jeremy’s grave.
Bottled Up Tight by Luke Sital-Singh
Stefan & Damon show up to pick up Elena for the prom.
Pictures of You by Elizabeth Harper, The Matinee
Damon, Elena & Stefan arrive at prom.
Stay (feat. Mikky Ekko) by Rihanna
Rebekah asks Matt if she can really be a human; Stefan & Elena dance.
Lights by Josh Ritter
Rebekah is sitting alone and asks Matt to dance with her; Caroline complains to Damon about the prom.
Song For Zula by Phosphorescent
Silas (as Stefan) goes to talk to Damon and stabs him.
You Send Me (Sam Cooke Cover) by Caught A Ghost
You send me – Sam cook
Keep Together by Hunter Hunted
Elena and Rebekah talking about going to prom and Caroline and Bonnie talking about her dress
Stay Away by Charli XCX
Mat and Bonnie are on the stage after winning the Prom king and prom queen
Pictures of You by Class Actress
A Drop In the Ocean by Ron Pope Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 20 – “The Originals” s04e20
Original air date: April 25 2013 My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
Promo song
Revolution by Dr. John
Hayley is at a bar in New Orleans.
How You Like Me Now by The Heavy
Song Marcel was singing when we saw him for the first time.
How by The Neighbourhood
Klaus looks for Marcel at the club.
New Cannonball Blues by TV On The Radio
When Klaus come second time to the Marcels club to show his power, when he bite one of the Marcels vampires
Terrible Love by The National
Klaus listens to Camille talk about the artist they’re watching; He sits and thinks.
Mojo Fix by Martin Harley
Ball & Chain by Martin Harley
Elijah & Rebekah discuss why Klaus is in New Orleans.
Do Whatcha Wanna by Rebirth Brass Band
No Sugar In My Coffee by Caught A Ghost
When Marcel tells Klaus that he knows Jane Anne Devereaux and then when they’re shown walking on the streets in the following shots.
Testified BK by Steve Nathanson
Walking Backwards by Leagues
My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 21 – “She’s Come Undone” s04e21
Original air date: May 2 2013 Bitter by Benny Marchant
Matt & Rebekah talk at the bar.
Blue by Israel Cannan
Bonnie tells Katherine she wants the tombstone.
Tightrope by Walk the Moon
Beginning of the episode.
Open Mind by Wilco
Katherine makes a deal with Bonnie.
Found by Christel Alsos
End of the episode: Elena gets her humanity back; Caroline’s mother wakes up. Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 22 – “The Walking Dead” s04e22
Original air date: May 9 2013 Fragile Love by Adam Agin
Rebekah keeps Matt company at the Grill during the blackout.
Dream by The Boxer Rebellion
End of the episode: Everyone spends time with the dead.
Beginning of the episode: Elena is training with Stefan.
Things We Lost in the Fire by Bastille
Matt, Rebekah, Caroline & Elena are at the grill; Elena tells Rebekah that they’re not friends as she plays darts.
Lean on Me by Telekinesis
Matt & Rebekah are at Mystic Grill talking about graduation; Caroline & Elena are filling out graduation notices outside the Grill.
Rain Down by Robin Loxley
promo song for the episode Vampire Diaries (Season 4) – Episode 23 – “Graduation” s04e23
Original air date: May 16 2013 When I Was Younger by Liz Lawrence
Stefan tells Damon that he’s not happy about Elena but that he’s not not happy for him; Jeremy tells Bonnie that he’s ready to cross over; Alaric congratulates Damon; Lexi & Stefan are on the road.
Belong by Cary Brothers
Elena tells Damon that he is the worst choice she will ever make but that she loves him & they kiss
Dance in the Graveyards by Delta Rae
Elena, Jeremy, and Alaric are eating lunch together.
You Give Love a Bad Name by Bon Jovi
Stefan and Lexi are listening to it while drinking and dancing.
In the Stream by S. Carey
Bonnie tells Jeremy goodbye after bringing him back to life and for him to tell everyone else that she’s with her mom for the summer; Matt agrees to take a trip with Rebekah.
Gone by Olivia Broadfield
Everyones names are called during the Graduation Ceremony
Rain Down by Robin Loxley
Promo Song
Hurts Like Hell by Rush & Roulette
Fresh New Artist music contest
My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) by Fall Out Boy
The Originals tv show Promo

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