Stefy Ray - Tear Me Up Soundtrack Lyrics

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Stefy Ray – Tear Me Up Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Sorority Row” Movie (2009) ] 

i tried to wake up
but i see that im in trouble
it seems like were stuck
and all dreams of no tomorrow

i gave you my heart and i got paid
you and i will never rhyme
in the dark i go insane
until u shed some light

uh uh, uh, yeah!


tear me up tear my heart to shreds
rip my sole and then let me cry forever
tear me up get it over with
you play innocent but your really frightening

i thought i knew you well
but you keep on changing colours
under ur spell
im ur reluctant lover

i try to run, i try to hide
now im crying on this ride
its not fun i guess u like
to hear me scream at night

oh oh oh
woaahh oh oh
oh oh oh
woah oh oh

running away, you only want me running away


[Stefy Ray – Tear Me Up Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Sorority Row Movie (2009)
Name"Sorority Row" Movie (2009)

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Stefy Ray - Tear Me Up Soundtrack Lyrics

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