King Triton - If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics

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King Triton – If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics [ from “Little Mermaid” Musical (2008) ] 

ARIEL (Spoken):
I’ve caused you so much trouble. Can you ever forgive me?

Why, I’ve never been prouder. Somehow, in the blink of an eye when my back was turned, you grew up.

If only you could stay
And never say goodbye
If only I could make time stop
Believe me, I would try
But fathers have to learn
Their daughters have to grow
And if you truly love them
You must let them go…

And oh, I love you so
If only you could know!

You love him very much, don’t you?
You belong to his world now.

[King Triton – If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics]

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Category Little Mermaid Musical (2008)
Name"Little Mermaid" Musical (2008)

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King Triton - If Only (Reprise) Soundtrack Lyrics

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